Monday, December 21, 2015

Everything is Good

Hey Maham hey Daddy-O, 

What's up guys hope everything is good I'm doing swheet excited for Christmas... but it doesn't really feel like Christmas here because its still freaking hot. But everything is good. I got the package from Brother Dyer and I already opened it.  Thanks for everything. The Sisters in my district are going to make the cookies tomorrow. It should be awesome. I still don't know what time we will Skype you guys, but on Friday I will email you guys in the morning and tell you what time.

This week we are going to have a baptism of two sisters.  It should be a good experience. Elder R and I are working hard and I'm feeling pretty good about the language. On Wednesday I will finish my training and be a real full blown missionary whooooh!! 

This week we had a multi zone meeting. It was really cool we got presents. Mostly just candy but I'm not complaining. We also all got letters from the first presidency t'was pretty sweet. Also in my stake there was a Christmas choir where a bunch of chapins (locals) sang Christmas songs. They tried to sing some in English but it didn't really work out very well.
On the topic of my baptismal pants I don't think I ever brought them. But my normal pants size is 32 the length doesn't really matter. 

Pictures next week 

Anyways love and miss you guys, 
Elder Tagg 

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