Monday, May 30, 2016

Near Death Experience


What the freak? Nathan has a serious girlfriend... THAT is Amazing. I never thought this day would come! Hahhaha just kidding. But that's really cool. I should probably email him right?? Do you guys know if she speaks Spanish??

Anyways that's okay if they don't wait for me if they decide to get married. It's just that I have never ever been to a wedding or a funeral so it's in their hands now I guess :(

This week has been awesome with some nice things going on. We had the last multi-zone meeting of Presidente Ruiz's mission. He was super baggy, but it was good. I learned that we can either choose to be humble and serve God diligently, or we can be humbled by someone else which will still brings blessings but if you humble you self its a greater experience and you are blessed in a major way. 

Also this week we were walking back home from a really far area and we hitched a ride with some Policías (Policemen). They were awesome but we had a near death experience that included them. Soo it was raining really hard and we were inside the truck with the Policías and they got a call, (I don't know what it was for but they started driving really fast and we were on a new really curvy road that had a huge mountain on one side and a giant cliff on the other.  So we were going really fast on a really curvy dangerous road and it was raining really hard. I just felt that something baaaad was going to happen and like 20 seconds later our back tires start skidding out and we were heading off the cliff.So the driver jams the steering wheel over to the other side and now we where heading towards the face of the huge mountain... But we didn't die or crash so I know God was protecting us missionaries. Anyways.... that was pretty dang exciting right?!! 

So that happend and I got all your letters and packages! Thanks sooo much! it was awesome. I shared the Starbursts with the Rama (the Branch) and they loved um. It turns out the office has had those letters you sent for like a month now. I also got a letter from Addie that was weird but cool. And I found out that one of Niko's friends is coming to Mission Reu in August. Dang, when she comes I'll have like almost a year. That is crazy.

Love and miss you guys 

Elder Tagg

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

What's Gringo On?

Hey Mahm and Daddy'O, 

What's Gringo on over there? Everything over hear is just peachy.  I'm enjoying my mission. But there is no Five Guys or Chipotle over here, so that makes it a little bit difficult. Other than that everything is enjoyable. 

This week just the normal stuff happened. I/we talked to some people, we ate some tortillas, talked to more people, ate more tortillas.... Pretty dang exciting. 

One thing did actually happen though. We planned a Mother's day trip to the cascadas.  (I don't remember how to say that in English!) (It means waterfalls)  Anyways, it's going to be awesome. I'm going to grill hamburgers and we are going to give to prizes and have cake, and we are going to baptize someone! So that should be pretty sweet. 

Also this week we cleaned our house because our Zone Leaders said that if we don't clean our houses and send them pictures, then we can't go to the temple. As if they were our Moms or could even take away our temple privileges -HA. Its' funny, so I sent them like 20 pictures of us cleaning the house as well as other things. 

This Sunday I'll call you guys through skype like at 3-ish or like 5 your guy's time 

Love and miss you guys 

Elder Tagg

He CAN mop!

He can mop in SYLE

Hospital corners!

A good use for coffee cans

Secret selfie

I'm sending him a new shower curtain

This is the G rated photo : )