Monday, December 21, 2015

Everything is Good

Hey Maham hey Daddy-O, 

What's up guys hope everything is good I'm doing swheet excited for Christmas... but it doesn't really feel like Christmas here because its still freaking hot. But everything is good. I got the package from Brother Dyer and I already opened it.  Thanks for everything. The Sisters in my district are going to make the cookies tomorrow. It should be awesome. I still don't know what time we will Skype you guys, but on Friday I will email you guys in the morning and tell you what time.

This week we are going to have a baptism of two sisters.  It should be a good experience. Elder R and I are working hard and I'm feeling pretty good about the language. On Wednesday I will finish my training and be a real full blown missionary whooooh!! 

This week we had a multi zone meeting. It was really cool we got presents. Mostly just candy but I'm not complaining. We also all got letters from the first presidency t'was pretty sweet. Also in my stake there was a Christmas choir where a bunch of chapins (locals) sang Christmas songs. They tried to sing some in English but it didn't really work out very well.
On the topic of my baptismal pants I don't think I ever brought them. But my normal pants size is 32 the length doesn't really matter. 

Pictures next week 

Anyways love and miss you guys, 
Elder Tagg 

Friday, December 18, 2015

Same Comp and Going Strong

Hey Maham y Daddy-o

This week was real special. First of all I'm still here in Sam Isidro with the same comp going strong.  We had another baptism this week of the couple that got married. It was a really cool experience. We also have another baptism this Friday of a family that we found.  Well really just the kids not the Mom, but we will work on it. 

I'm doing good. My comp is doing good, and every body is happy. I'm still working on the package thing and I don't think I will get the package from Brother Dyer soon because there are no missionaries coming here from the CCM right now. But if you could send baptismal pants and another one of those dog dazer things, because mine got wet. Try to look for one that is stronger... Please and thank you. 

we have the option to Skype either on the 23rd or the 25th but the 25th works better for my comp's family so we are going to do it then. I still don't know what time but I'll try to figure everything out so everything can go smoothly. 

Sorry not much to report this week. More next week. Love you guys

Elder Tagg

Monday, December 7, 2015

I Know Why I'm Here

Hey Maham y Daddy-O 

This week was pretty great. We had two baptisms Os... and Mi... It was awesome. I baptized Os... it was a really happy moment.  Ja... and Ma.... got married so we are going to baptize Ma... this next Saturday. Changes are tomorrow. I don't know what is going to happen. I want to stay but if I go that's cool too.

I haven't sent the package yet so I will look for a nativity set but no promises... I will try to send it in the next 3 weeks but it probably wont get there for Christmas. I have been writing in my journal but only like once every week. I will try to do better. 

We got to watch the Christmas devotional. It was really good but in Spanish. I understood most of it though. I really liked Uchdorf's talk.  But watching the devotional reminded me of home and the Christmas season. I miss all the traditions and every thing, but I know why I'm here, so I'm happy. 

siempre recuerdan que ha nacido un salvador por cada uno de nosotros. El ya apago y ya sufriĆ³ nosotros o necesitamos sufrir gracias a el estoy tan agradecido por el porque yo se que El es nuestro redentor del mundo 

En el nombre de Jesu Cristo, amen 

(Always remember that the Savior was born for each one of us. He already paid and suffered for us so we don't have to. I am very grateful for Him because He is the Savior of the World. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen)

love you guys,
Elder Tagg

About an hour after hearing from Elder Tagg I got this letter from his first companion Elder Go...  I wept with joy!

HI SISTER TAGG I AM ELDER LENER GO FIRST COMP OF ELDER TAGG I am very grateful to my Heavenly Father for the opportunity to serve with your child. I think Tagg Elder was the answer to my prayers. I am sure God will hear them because I wanted a partner to help me focus on his work and Elder Tagg was very helpful for me. Our time was very short but it was so that I could learn enough to go ahead and finish my mission as God wants it to end ... He has a very responsive to the spirit and hard working super son. I can say that I love him and always will be my brother even though we are from different nations.

Thanks for the package you sent. Thank you very much and God stroke him more blessings you already have 

with much love Elder Gongora 

pddt : sorry for my english is not perfect

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

All That Jazz

Hey Maham y Daddy-O 

This week was pretty awesome, but nothing really special happened. I really enjoy the photos that were in the package and the reindeer food. Elder Ro...really enjoyed his stuff too, but I think he thinks our family is really rich now. I kinda feel bad about that, but whateves. 

This week we had stake conference. During the talk by President Ruiz, I went to the bathroom and vomited like three times.  I don't know why... but I felt fine afterwards and haven't thrown up since so I think it was just a one time thing.  Other than that, the meeting was really good. We had five investigators at the meeting.  Their names were Oscar, Micheal, Madalene, Marisol and the daughter of Marisol. I can never remember her name. But I think we are going to baptize them all. The only thing hanging us up is that Madalene isn't married. We are hopefully going to marry them this Saturday ... We have been working with her for a really long time, so pray for Madalene and Javier that they can get married and everything goes smoothly.

I think that this next transfer I'm going to leave San Isidro I don't know why, it's just a feeling. But we are going to see what happens. If I'm not transferred that means I'll stay for another 8 weeks, which means I will have 4 and a half months here but that's okay because I think this is one of the best areas in the mission. 

I haven't sent your package yet. I'm still preparing everything, but it is going to have things from Guatemala like that shirt I had on that you liked and some ties that are made out of a fabric called corte and maybe some purses or scripture cases. You know -all that jazz. 


Tha th tha th tha th tha That's All Folks 

Love You guys and miss ya 

Elder Tagg 

This is what 10 Elders stuck in an elevator looks like

At Least Elder Tagg is smiling still... They were stuck for over an hour
Evan said one of these Elders has a football scholarship and is Samoan.  Good thing a member found them and let them out with a special key.  Hopefully lesson learned here : )