Tuesday, December 1, 2015

All That Jazz

Hey Maham y Daddy-O 

This week was pretty awesome, but nothing really special happened. I really enjoy the photos that were in the package and the reindeer food. Elder Ro...really enjoyed his stuff too, but I think he thinks our family is really rich now. I kinda feel bad about that, but whateves. 

This week we had stake conference. During the talk by President Ruiz, I went to the bathroom and vomited like three times.  I don't know why... but I felt fine afterwards and haven't thrown up since so I think it was just a one time thing.  Other than that, the meeting was really good. We had five investigators at the meeting.  Their names were Oscar, Micheal, Madalene, Marisol and the daughter of Marisol. I can never remember her name. But I think we are going to baptize them all. The only thing hanging us up is that Madalene isn't married. We are hopefully going to marry them this Saturday ... We have been working with her for a really long time, so pray for Madalene and Javier that they can get married and everything goes smoothly.

I think that this next transfer I'm going to leave San Isidro I don't know why, it's just a feeling. But we are going to see what happens. If I'm not transferred that means I'll stay for another 8 weeks, which means I will have 4 and a half months here but that's okay because I think this is one of the best areas in the mission. 

I haven't sent your package yet. I'm still preparing everything, but it is going to have things from Guatemala like that shirt I had on that you liked and some ties that are made out of a fabric called corte and maybe some purses or scripture cases. You know -all that jazz. 


Tha th tha th tha th tha That's All Folks 

Love You guys and miss ya 

Elder Tagg 

This is what 10 Elders stuck in an elevator looks like

At Least Elder Tagg is smiling still... They were stuck for over an hour
Evan said one of these Elders has a football scholarship and is Samoan.  Good thing a member found them and let them out with a special key.  Hopefully lesson learned here : )

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