Monday, August 14, 2017

See You Guys Next Week!

Maham Y Daddy O

So this week was pretty normal as well. We worked hard put some fechas for my last Saturday. A little girl named Estephani.  She's super cute.  Her brother is a returned missionary, but her parents aren't members so we are gonna baptize her. Also another 18 year old girl will be baptized for the 14th my last P-Day. But that one is like maybe or maybe not. It's not a sure thing... We'll see how it goes. 
So last week I went to get my haircut and this guy that is cutting our hair asks me if we believe in miracles.  I said of course!! And he said I am a miracle... and then he showed us this video of him getting struck by lightning and his recovery... he said he got to the hosptial dead and they shocked him back to life. They said that if he recovered, he would never walk again. But now he is perfectly fine and he even plays soccer. I was like "that's awesome you must have alot of faith"... So anyways we gave him a pamphlet about the restoration and told him to read it and pray and stuff.... So we went back and had an aweome lesson with him. He asked us for a Book of Mormon and said he had been looking for the truth and that he thought he had  found it... He showed up to church on sunday with his wife and we are gonna put a fecha (date) with him today to get baptized on the 19th.... It was a pretty cool experience.

I love you guys talk to you next week,

Elder Tagg​

Sunday, August 6, 2017

I Don't Regret Anything

July 31st

Mahm y Daddy O, 

This weeek was good.. Really tranquilo. We were able to baptize that family it was a really nice baptism, even though they don't count as my converts I feel like I helped and taught them a lot. In these past 3 months, I personally haven't baptized.  But I have helped a lot of people. The other day there was a mini EFY for all the youth of the stake and I saw one of the jovenes (youth) there that we left a fecha (lesson) with in my other area... it was pretty kool. ​​ 

I'm really happy for the work I have done these past two years... I dont regret anything. It was the best decision I could have made.  To tell you guys the truth, I cry and laugh and hate this feeling at the end of the mission. After making this all of your life and then having to give it up for another life... It sucks.

But I love you guys

Elder Tagg