Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Gringo Comp

Mahm y Daddy O 

Ha! This week was pretty freaking amazing. My companion had changes and I got a freaking gringo comp. His name is Elder Johnson he has 1 change more than I have and he's freaking awesome. It's soo nice having a gringo comp, I think we will work well together.  His first day in the area we baptized a kid named A... so that was pretty dang exciting.

So this week was pretty fun. We had some cool experiences.  We went to a house that was pretty freakin' far away and these kids had caught a large rabbit.. I don't know how they caught it, but it was pretty cool. So we took pictures with it and everything then we got on with the lesson and like 3 minutes later the rabbit just dropped dead out of nowhere. It threw up a bunch of white stuff and died on the spot... awesome. 

So Nathan is getting married eh? Well all I gotta say GET R´ DONE, and that I love him and I wish the best for him. I can't wait to get back cause we're gonna have lots of fun. And that I don't know much about marriage or what that really even means, but I found a quote that made me feel all tingly inside. "Always strive to give your spouse the very best of yourself; not what's left over after you have given the best to everyone else" Give the best of yourself to her.

Love you guys 

Elder Tagg

Sunday, December 11, 2016

We Going For it All

Mahm y Daddy-O 

Hey guys how's it going? This week has been pretty good. We got two fechas (baptism dates) for the month coming up, and we ain't stopping there. We going for it all... that's right we gonna baptize 'em all. So this week are changes (transfers). They coming up on Wednesday to be exact It'll be fun to see what happens. Lots of people are saying a bunch of crap but Imma just wait to see what happens. 

It sounds like a whole butt load off crap is happening with all the wedding stuff... That kind of is a little weird though to have the wedding in Rexburg. Like I have personally been to Rexburg and unless they are getting married in the freaking ONE 711 they have there, then they are gonna freeze there butts off in the great out doors. But whatever they want I guess... 

This week we moved houses because where we were living wasn't in our area. Even though the house was really nice, we had to move to a crappy house in our area. That happened, and also while we where doing service on the National Service Day I threw up like all the freaking rice and beans that I have ever eaten here on my mission. Like it was seriuoslly bad. But I had been feeling bad all this week and when i threw up, I felt a little better, so that was a bright side... It's the little things. 

This week for P-day we played soccer again from like 8 o'clock to like 12 o'clock. It was pretty dang exciting. Also Elder Ga... and I played trompo. Trompo is a little toy which is like tops, like plastic tops they sell to all the kids here. They come with a string and you have to spin them.. its pretty fun. 

So that's pretty much it. I love you guys hope everything is good.


Elder Tagg 

Monday, December 5, 2016

Things here are Amazing

Mahm y Daddy O 

How's it going guys? Things here are going amazing. We baptized L... this Saturday, and now the members are supporting him and motivating him to go on a mission... He is awesome. I think he is going to go in a year. So that happened. We also found an awesome family of 5 (but only 3 with the age of baptism), they are awesome too. I have faith they are going to be baptized. The Dad takes care of race horses. He has a bunch of horses from the States, a couple from Spain, and one from Panama. He told me he was going to teach me how to ride. Haha, I'm not sure if we can.

Last week we went to the beach as a zone for P day. Before we could only do activities as a district, now we can do 2 zone activities a month.  So this P-day we played soccer in the morning as a district, and then we went to eat Taco Bell and then we did everything else we do on P-day. 

That was an awesome dream you had Mahm,  but the churches here are just churches. In one of my areas (Maclen) there where a bunch of apple orchards though.  Just like your dream, so that could come true haha!  

I miss you guys, and I can't wait to see you on Christmas. Hey did Dad ever sell his car back or what because if he did he should get a Tesla to replace it! Haha that would be awesome. 

Anyways I love you guys,

Have an awesome week!

Elder Tagg