Sunday, June 26, 2016

I Know Who I Am

Mahm y Daddy-O 

Hey guys. How's it all going? Sorry that I wasn't feeling good last week and didn't write you guys a full letter. Sometimes it's just hard and I didn't really feel like it, haha. This week will be a good one I hope. 

But first of all: HAPPY FREAKING FATHERS DAY DAD!!!!  I love you soo much and am so greatful you are my Dad. What a crazy dream you had! I almost cried... but any way it would be cool to be a kid again. I like who I am now.  I feel like I have really learned and progressed on the mission. I know who I am and what I need to do to be happy. Thanks for your example. I love you. 

This week was a week full of trials and miracles. But it was a good week. One of the trials was that our investigator that had a baptismal date, didn't come to church. So we weren't able to baptize her this week. We are hoping that next week she will be able to come. Her name is S.... she is 70 years old and lives in poverty. It's pretty sad.  But poverty doesn't really effect me as much as it did when I first started. it's now like something normal. But yea, she lives in poverty and she can barely hear, so we have to scream to teach her. But somehow she felt the spirit and chose to accept a baptisimal date. Another miracle is that an investigator that we thought didn't want anything to do with the church, came on Sunday by himself and he is now talking about going on a mission! His name is Amner and he is 18. We met him becuase his girlfriend is a member. The Lord has really touched his life and he has desries to serve a mission which is freaking awesome. We will be baptising him this next week or in July. Both he and Willian the baptism from a couple weeks ago, have desires to serve a mission. Super awesome.  Another miricale we have seen is that me and my comp and one other companionship (in the 2 zones in the mountains) are the only ones who have baptized this month. Which kind of sucks for the zone, but is awesome for us. So I know that the Lord has blessed us to be able to baptize in this time of little baptisms.  

Also this week I had to poop in a cup to see if I have pillary or parasites. That was pretty fun. I'll probably know by this next week, so I'll tell you guys next week. That was the first time i have ever pooped in a cup, if you have never done it I highly recommend it.... it's like nothing else. 

I love you guys and miss you. See ya in 14 months hahhaha!

Elder Tagg

Elder Tagg found a car just like his at home!  

Sunday, June 12, 2016

New Area, New Companion, New Calling

Evan and his newest companion
The guy in front was with Evan in the CCM

A multi-zone get together! 


Hey Mahm and Daddy O,

So this week was pretty fun. As you guys probably already know, I had transfers from Tejutla. I am now in an area called Maclen which is in the other zone in the mountains. It's called Zona San Pedro. This area seems awesome with really strong members which is a big change from Tejutla. My new companions name is Elder Perez. He is from Peru and has 21 months in the mission. He seems awesome. 
My area, Maclen, is another one of those areas where you don't reaslly baptize a lot. It's kinda like Tejutla that way,  but we are baptizing this week! He is a 17 year old named Wi... He is sweet. I will send pictures of him next week. 

Also this week I was moved up to be a District Leader. It's pretty cool. My district is only 4 missionaries, and we all live in the same house because we live so far away from everyone else. It's still sweet though. I get to pass stats on to the Zone Leaders and I interview people... Pretty dang exciting... 
Anyways some cool things happened in the mountain Zones. First of all,l Elder GH... from my district in the CCM is in my district now and we live in the same freaking house!  Second, Elder Ga... came up to Zone San Marcos (my old zone) freaking right when I leave that zone, he enters it. But it's all cool. We get to see each other on P-days.
So that's all that pretty much happened this week. I love you guys and miss you.
Elder Tagg

skinny horse, skinny Elder
I love this shot
She's holding an egg
Elder Tagg and Elder Perez from Peru
Do the chickens have large talons?
Early morning Elder Tagg

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Everything is How it was Meant to be...and Bull Testicles

Hey Mahm y Daddy-O

Hey guys how's everything going this week? I just wanted to say I love you guys and that you're awesome. I'm really happy with everything and just feel like everything is how it was meant to be. 

This week was alright. I was kinda really baggy all week because I've been sick with really bad diarrhea all weak and I feel like throwing up every 2 minutes, but I never can. It really sucks.  That, and everything that is going on I don't know, I just felt less focused this week. It was really hard. 

Anyways this week I ate bull testicle. I didn't know what it was until after I ate it though. At first I thought it was chicken but like really soft chewy chicken. Definitely the weirdest thing I have eaten here in the G mala, but no big deal. (this is not the son I know at all)  Now I'm just like Temple Grandin. Haha. 

So awesome that Niko's call is here! I can't wait for him to come down here to my mission. He is going to be an awesome missionary. This month was the 2nd to last month of Pres Ruiz time and the mission broke the record again! It was pretty awesome. We ended the month with 254 baptisms, the goal was 300 but we still broke the record.

I just found out that I have changes from Tejutla but they also said that my suit cases will stay up here in the mountains so that means that I'm staying in one of the two mountain zones. I like the mountains but it would be nice to stay in mission Reu. They say that when the new President comes a new mountain mission will open. 

Love yous guys and miss you 

Elder Tagg

PS I think I got sick because I touched this card hahahah! I love Eliza!!!!