Sunday, July 17, 2016

Time Goes By

Mahm y Daddy O,
How is everything going this week? I hope it's not to stressful with a the trip stuff coming up. I know it can be hectic (don't know how to spell that). But everything here on my end is good except I can't get my memory card from my camera to work. But trust me when I say there are some cool pictures. It's really actually frustrating not being able to send pictures. I wish sometimes that you guys could just see what I see everyday like if I had a GoPro permanently mounted on my head or something. My favorite thing in Guatemala besides being a missionary is getting jalones, which is like hitching a ride, in the back of pick up truck. Doing this (especially here in the mountains), I feel like a freaking eagle! It's the best thing ever! It's so beautiful.
Well not much has happened this week besides the fact that tomorrow Elder Ga... gets a new companion. So we will no longer be in a trio, which will be better for getting work done. So that happened, and also we were able to put a baptismal date down for someone. So we will for sure we a baptizing this month. Her name is Si...  I think I told you guys about her before. But she took a little bit longer to get her to accept the fete (date).
Anyways, I love you guys and can't believe I almost have a year on the mission. It's pretty crazy how fast the time goes by. I'll be home in a year... CRAZY
Love you guys,
Elder Tagg

Sunday, July 3, 2016

I Was Basically a Hero

How's it going guys? This week was pretty crazy and I took lots of amazing photos, but I freaking forgot the cable to my camera so that's why there will be no photos this week. So sorry guys.
This week my comp Elder P... had changes also Elder G... (the gringo from my group). So this is what happened: They had changes and Elder Garcia and I stayed. But instead of sending us two new comps they only sent one because there is a shortage of missionaries right now. So I have two comps until another missionary comes up. Our new comp's name is Elder Carias. He is from Honduras and is freaking awesome. He only has 2 months in the mission, so I am finishing his training. Honestly I don't know why President is giving me all these responsibilities I guess he trusts me or something. Oh and by the way, Elder Carias' Dad is a 70 in Honduras so I'm gonna have to do a good job training him, or I'll never be a zone leader haha.
So that happened and we also had a another multi-zone meeting to say good bye to President and hermana Ruiz. I'm going to really miss them. I have learned so much from the both of them, and will never forget what they have done for me. It was really sad, but I'm also excited for president Goodman. This Thursday all the district leaders and the zone leaders are going to meet him. It should be pretty awesome. We will see what changes he makes.
We had a miracle in my area this week. So this week was district conference. We had 8 investigators in church which is crazy in the mountain zones. We are defiantly baptizing in July at least 4 that is for sure. So that was the miracle.
We also finally did something fun for P-day. We went to this field that was right next to the forrest and we played capture the flag. I won my team the final game. So this is how it went almost our whole team was in jail, and I went and snuck through a stream and spotted the flag. So I grabbed it and ran back through the stream with like four people chasing me and I crossed into the side of my team all wet and muddy, but we won! Hahahaha  swheeet victory! It was awesome I was basically a hero amongst elders and hermanas.

love you guys and know you can do it.

Elder Tagg

Someone posted this on Facebook.  All of these Elders have served in the mountain area of Tejutla and one of them is holding a mission call to be delivered to a fellow branch member.  Pres Ruiz gave it to them at zone conference.  Two Elders on the left have both been Evan's companions previously.

This is 1/2 of his mission.  He's in there somewhere!