Sunday, August 28, 2016


Maham y Daddy-O

How's it going guys? Everything here is pretty good. It sounds like a lot of fun stuff is happening over there right now. But I'm glad I am here. Yesterday there was no power for a long time so that's why I didn't write and I am now allowed to write you guys today.

Just a couple of things about my new area. It's pretty cool. We have an investigator named Rafael he is going to be baptized this Saturday. He is 37 years old and is really excited to be baptized. Today we taught him about patriarchical blessings. He is really excited to get his and to recieve the Priesthood. He is awesome. On Saturday we helped him move. We took almost all day to do it, but in the end everything worked itself out. We are also working with an 18 year old kid and his 14 yr old brother, Lester and Marvin.  They are really sweet and want to serve missions. Every time we go they accept everything and share their thoughts on how they can see the difference between other churches and our church. We found Lester one day while contacting. Ever since I met him I have felt like in the premortal life I promised him I would find and teach him the Gospel. I don't know why but I love him as if he were my Brother. 

Lately my companion and I have started to read and study more diligently, and I feel like it's really helping me to feel the spirit. But today we had a lesson where the spirit wasn't there. It went really bad. I didn't feel good afterwords and neither did my companion. I hated not having the spirit. I felt super uncomfortable. 

se que esta iglesia es verdadera se que el señor me ama. yo se que es lo que tengo que hacer para que el espíritu este conmigo, cuando no tengo el espíritu no me siento bien y no puedo predicar su evangelio como El quiere que lo haga. se que jose smith fue un profeta llamado por dios y que por medio de el la iglesia verdadera está aquí en la tierra hoy un día. se que yo estoy aquí para traer almas al señor yo he visto el cambio que uno tiene cuando conozca este evangelio y por eso sigo aquí porque amo a esta obra y se que solo por medio del señor podemos tener la felicidad eterna. yo se que Jesucristo vive y que por medio de su expiación nosotros podemos ser perdonados de todos nuestros pecados. amo al señor amo a mi Padre Celestial y amo a los personas de a aquí de Guatemala. 

en el nombre de Jesucristo amen 

(I know the church is true and the Lord loves me.  I know what I need to do to have the spirit with me.  When I don't have the spirit with me I don't feel good and I can't teach the Gospel like He wants me to.  I know Joseph Smith was a prophet called of God and through him the true church was restored and is on the earth today.  I know I am here to bring souls to God.  I have seen the change one makes when they come to know the true church and that's why I continue to be here because I love this work and I know that only through he Lord can we have eternal happiness.  I know Jesus Christ lives and through His atonement we can be forgiven of our sins.  I love the Lord and Heavenly Father and the people here in Guatemala.  In Jesus' name Amen).

Love you guys, 

Elder Tagg

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Catching Up

Sorry I've neglected posting Evan's letters.  We've had a busy Summer.  Also for a couple weeks he didn't write much so I was not inclined to post those 'texts' he sent.  Here are some past weeks and we expect another today...

Maham y Daddy O

How's it going guys?  I have had an interesting couple of weeks.  So first of all I had changes so now I'm back in Malcatan! But I'm in a different area called El Rodeo. It's a pretty cool area. We baptized last Saturday and we are going to baptize again this Saturday. This area has baptized the last 5 Saturdays in a row... it is soo different from the mountain areas I have been in.  I'm gald to be back on the coast.

The reason I haven't written the last two weeks is because I have had interviews with President. Nothing is wrong.  I just had some District Leader duties relating to members of my district in Retalhuleu. It's a long trip down there and back to the mountains. That, and some times I really just don't feel like writing. 

Anyways my new companion's name is Elder Pimentel. He is from El Salvador and has 14 months on the mission. He's pretty cool. I think we will work well together.

My camera situation is like this: My memory stopped working, but I sent it off to be fixed. My camera cord is lost and the battery charger I accidently left in my old area, but I'm working on everything to get it back up and running so I can send some pictures. 

I haven't gotten the package you sent yet, but I do know that it has gotten to the office. Thank you soo much. 

I love and miss you guys 

I'll write more details next week. Ask anything you want to know 

Elder Tagg


Maham y Daddy-O 

Ima just do bullet points cause it's easier

- This week was really good. We had fun, did good work, & baptized Kevin. 
- Kevin is a 14 kid and his family are converts of about a year. He didn't want to be baptized but we convinced the crap out of him until he did. Meaning we brought him pizza, played Uno with him and taught him after we earned his trust. He is really cool. He's gonna be a missionary some day...
- Thanks for the package. it was awesome!  I love yous guys. 
- I'm not in the same ward as before. I'm in a rama (branch) called El Rodeo. It's pretty freaking cool. However, I did see the members from my old rama San Isidro.  It was pretty sweet to see them again.
- I get along really well with my companion.  He is really humble and awesome, and our house is pretty small but it's cool. I'll send pictures when I can.
- We have a lot of investigators.  We do a lot of divisions with the jovenes (young boys) and we are teaching a lot of really positive families.
-That's pretty much all that is happening. But yeah, it would be cool if Dad could talk to the President about seeing a Doctor here for my ear. I'm going to talk to him next P-day and we will get everything figured out.

Hey when is Nathan going to get married? tell him to get  job and a haircut. Haha! 

I love you guys 

Elder Tagg 

PS See ya in a year  : )