Monday, February 27, 2017

Pretty Dope

Mahm y Daddy O

Sooo, this week was pretty dope. We had a nice conference with Elder Rasband. I got to shake his hand, we did lots of divisions with the district, and we put some fechas (dates for baptism)  for the 25th of this month. We gonna baptize like 3 people on the 25th.  It's gonna be awesome.  Also I completed 18 months yesterday! Dope. 

So Elder Rasband came and he talked a lot about how Thomas S Monson loves us, and that he was thankful for us, and that we can be the light for lots of people if we are worthy diligent and obedient, we also learned about the expiación (atonement) 'twas pretty cool to hear the voice and teachings of an apostle. 

Fom there we had a miracle in our area. A lady and two kids that have a bunch of attendance in church all accepted fechas (dates for baptism) and we gonna baptize this weekend. Hermana Shelly and two kids that they call the peludos (furry) because they have a bunch of hair. 

Today as a zone we played kickball, football and ninja. T'was dope and then we all went to the new subway they put in. Pretty awesome, but it's pretty expensive.  It's like 45 quetzales for a combo. 

But yea bendiciones (blessings) for all

Elder Tagg

PS Oh I also thought Mahm would like this picture of a burning children's park. Ha ha ​

Elder Tagg in the WAY back with his head poking up

Monday, February 20, 2017

No More Bagginess

FEB 13 2017

Mahm y Daddy-O 

Hey how's it going? Everything here is pretty good. I got like 3 packages this week and it was Nathan and Audrey's birthdays. So that's pretty cool. I got the package with the sling shot, I got the package witht the lemon bars, and I got the package that Nathan and Joceyln sent.  So t'was pretty merry in the Elder Tagg house this week. 

Also we baptized Al...  and his wife. That was so freaking stressful, because both of them work really long hours, they live really far away, and they had to get married first before the baptism could happen. So we went to get them for their baptism at like 5:00, but we went a little early so that elder GH could do the interviews. So we did that and everything was good, but then we waited like 3 freaking hours for the lawyer to show up. In the end he copuldn't even come because of an accident. So our Bishop had to marry them like last second. a little sketchy... but all completely legal.  And then we baptized them. But after they had waited for about 4 hours. I felt pretty bad, but they did it and it was awesome. The only thing is that the wife didn't get confirmed this Sunday because her uncle died and she couldn't come. But we gonna get her confirmed next week of sho! Don't worry about it. 

But anyways we went mini-golfing this P-day t'was pretty freaking awesome! The place we went was probably like the nicest place I've ever stepped foot into here in Guatemala because it had grass! Like actual grass... pretty koool. 

Tell Audrey I love her and that she's a big one now .

love yous guys 

Elder Tagg

FEB 6 2017

Maham y Daddy O, 

How's evertyhing going?  ....Everything here is pretty awesome.  We're doing pretty good. This week was definitely a lot better than last week!!  No more Bagginess... and I haven't had diarrhea in a little bit, so that's a blessing. 

    We got some good work done... we are teaching this family. They already have attended   church and everything and they want to be baptized they just need to get married, so we are in the process of doing alll the things so that can happen and hopefully they get married and baptized this week. They are pretty cool. The Dad's name is Al... and the Mom's name is Fa... Pretty much all of their extended family are members of the church. Even their kids are members. I don't really know why the missionaries before didn't baptize them. It's kinda weird cause they baptized all the kids, just not the parents. But whatever. More baptisms for us haha. Please pray for them so that they can get baptized this week. 

This week we had a multi-zone conference and like two days before it Hermana Goodman called me and asked me if I could share a message. But I misunderstood her and thought I only had to do like a practice with her. I imagined it like inviting some one to church. But the day of the conference came and I found out I had to share a message with everybody not just like a practice but like a full message. Ha! I was a little nervous because It was in front of everybody and I hadn't prepeared anything. But I gave a good lesson on how to help our investigators keep commitments. It was actually really good haha! I started out with example I called out Elder Gayheart and had him try to sell me a pen, but he couldn't ask if I wanted to buy it. It was pretty funny. He couldn't get me to buy it, Then I related that to our investigators. If we never invite them to do stuff they probably will never even think about doing It. It's really important to just invite and be direct. Not like dancing aorund the question, just direct, then promise blessings. So that was pretty Koo.

This one's for you Dad: Pretty much all I know about the Gospel is in Spanish. Meekness translates to mansedumbre. It's an attribute of Christ that brings the spirit. In Galatians 5:22 it talks about the fruit of the spirit and how meekness is a fruit of the spirit. Also Moroni 8: 26 is a good scripture about being meek. That's pretty much all I know about that topic. Good luck on your talk. 

That's pretty much it. OHH and elder Rasband Is coming to talk to us on the 18 its gonna be dope! The first apostle I'll ever meet in person HAHA.

Love you guys 

Elder Tagg

Monday, February 6, 2017

Feeling Baggy

Maham Y Daddy-O 

How's things going... Everything is pretty good over here in chapinlandia. (?) This week was pretty normal working in the obra of the Señor (work of the Lord)... One weird thing did happen. I had a dream that I got home after my 24 months, and I wanted to go to Five Guys for a burger. But you guys wouldn't let me. Instead we went to eat freaking caldo de pollo con tortillas de maíz, (chicken broth with corn tortillas) and I hated it. Then I wanted to show you guys how to play trompo (a small Guatemalan toy like a top) but I didn't bring one so I had to find a freaking Guatemalan store and buy one. But it broke like right when I touched it. It was pretty sad. So that was the wierd thing. 

We Baptized this week which is cool. Ke.. he's 10 years old, and has been going to church for like 3 years but his anti-Mormon Dad didn't want him to be baptized until now even though the rest of his family are members. 

They made some cool changes to the rules this year. Now we don't have to study on P-days and we can choose at what time we want to study during the day. Also there are only 4 key indicators now; Baptisms and confirmations, fechas, investigadores (baptismal dates, investigators) in church and new investigadores (investigators). Pretty cool. I think it's a little better this way cause it focuses more on the investigators not the work of the Missionary. Like I could have like 20 other lessons a day but if none of them went to church it would just be like a false indicator that the missionaries aren't working hard. Now it shows more in the data if somebody is not working. 

This week has been pretty baggy (baggy means he's homesick). I don't know, I just have some off days sometimes. Anyways, I love you guys. HAVE FUN AND DON'T DO DRUGS!

Elder Tagg