Monday, February 6, 2017

Feeling Baggy

Maham Y Daddy-O 

How's things going... Everything is pretty good over here in chapinlandia. (?) This week was pretty normal working in the obra of the Señor (work of the Lord)... One weird thing did happen. I had a dream that I got home after my 24 months, and I wanted to go to Five Guys for a burger. But you guys wouldn't let me. Instead we went to eat freaking caldo de pollo con tortillas de maíz, (chicken broth with corn tortillas) and I hated it. Then I wanted to show you guys how to play trompo (a small Guatemalan toy like a top) but I didn't bring one so I had to find a freaking Guatemalan store and buy one. But it broke like right when I touched it. It was pretty sad. So that was the wierd thing. 

We Baptized this week which is cool. Ke.. he's 10 years old, and has been going to church for like 3 years but his anti-Mormon Dad didn't want him to be baptized until now even though the rest of his family are members. 

They made some cool changes to the rules this year. Now we don't have to study on P-days and we can choose at what time we want to study during the day. Also there are only 4 key indicators now; Baptisms and confirmations, fechas, investigadores (baptismal dates, investigators) in church and new investigadores (investigators). Pretty cool. I think it's a little better this way cause it focuses more on the investigators not the work of the Missionary. Like I could have like 20 other lessons a day but if none of them went to church it would just be like a false indicator that the missionaries aren't working hard. Now it shows more in the data if somebody is not working. 

This week has been pretty baggy (baggy means he's homesick). I don't know, I just have some off days sometimes. Anyways, I love you guys. HAVE FUN AND DON'T DO DRUGS!

Elder Tagg

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