Monday, January 30, 2017

All is Well


So this week was pretty dope... It was sad to say good bye to Elder J... but I have a new/old companion his name is Elder G... he is from the Guatemala City (the capital). He was in my district like 7 months ago and we were in a trio for about 2 weeks together so we already know each other pretty well. I am a District Leader again so that's kool but this time my district is of 5 companionships, so it's a lot bigger than my old district... Hahah we've got some dope people up in my district so I'm pretty pumped... Elder Ga... the guy from the CCM is in my district again but he is a Zone Leader now. Sooo yea, and we also got the Elders from the office, 2 gringa Hermanas, and a guy from Arizona who is training a newbie from El Salvador. So all is well in District Tagg... All is well. 

We got some work done this week. We are going to baptize Ke we are going to baptize Alv and his wife.  Please send prayers for them. Also, we did some divisions and we brought this freaking old dude that can't walk to church. His name is Mercedes. He had to go home like half way through church though, cause his stomach was hurting but he says he will get baptized mas adelante (later) .... so dat's kool. 

We also were working in a kinda further out part of our area and there were some awesome sunsets ¿BENDICIONES! (BLESSINGS!) we took some kool pics. This week we killed two mice and one rat. I got my new shoes they are AWESOME THANKS MAHM, and that's pretty much it.. haha.

The rat we killed with a possum trap that an Hermana lent us. One of the mice drowned in our sink, and the other one we beat to death with a broom.. t'was pretty fun.

To answer Dad's questions...
- I freaking love my area and my new comp is pretty dope
- I write in my journal like every other night
- The most important thing I've learned from all of my companions is love the people, and to be patient. 
- The mission has changed my veiw on life and my thoughts about God

Love you guys! Have swell week. You're in my prayers Mahm,

Elder Tagg 

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