Monday, January 30, 2017

All is Well


So this week was pretty dope... It was sad to say good bye to Elder J... but I have a new/old companion his name is Elder G... he is from the Guatemala City (the capital). He was in my district like 7 months ago and we were in a trio for about 2 weeks together so we already know each other pretty well. I am a District Leader again so that's kool but this time my district is of 5 companionships, so it's a lot bigger than my old district... Hahah we've got some dope people up in my district so I'm pretty pumped... Elder Ga... the guy from the CCM is in my district again but he is a Zone Leader now. Sooo yea, and we also got the Elders from the office, 2 gringa Hermanas, and a guy from Arizona who is training a newbie from El Salvador. So all is well in District Tagg... All is well. 

We got some work done this week. We are going to baptize Ke we are going to baptize Alv and his wife.  Please send prayers for them. Also, we did some divisions and we brought this freaking old dude that can't walk to church. His name is Mercedes. He had to go home like half way through church though, cause his stomach was hurting but he says he will get baptized mas adelante (later) .... so dat's kool. 

We also were working in a kinda further out part of our area and there were some awesome sunsets ¿BENDICIONES! (BLESSINGS!) we took some kool pics. This week we killed two mice and one rat. I got my new shoes they are AWESOME THANKS MAHM, and that's pretty much it.. haha.

The rat we killed with a possum trap that an Hermana lent us. One of the mice drowned in our sink, and the other one we beat to death with a broom.. t'was pretty fun.

To answer Dad's questions...
- I freaking love my area and my new comp is pretty dope
- I write in my journal like every other night
- The most important thing I've learned from all of my companions is love the people, and to be patient. 
- The mission has changed my veiw on life and my thoughts about God

Love you guys! Have swell week. You're in my prayers Mahm,

Elder Tagg 

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Get off the Couch and Talk to People

January 16

Mahm y Daddy-O

This week has been pretty good. Not much has happened, so I'm going to (instead of writing much), just send a bunch of photos and cool stuff. I am going to say one thing though... my comp has changes (is being transferred) and I'm staying in Peru. We don't know who my new comp is though. Hahah! I love you guys. Have fun and do cool stuff this week. Get off the couch out of the house go to DC and talk to people. It's really cool to just talk. Jesus lives. And Guatemalan Coca Cola is the best thing ever, when it's cold.

Elder Tagg​

Elder J's broken nose

Hospital Selfie

Elder J

Trompos! (tops)

Worshiping False Gods

Jan 9

Mahm Y Daddy O 

How it going? This week was pretty awesome. We baptized, we worked hard, they took all the stuff off my comps face, we went to the beach, and we saw two fat Guatemalan ladies fight in the street. 

So first of all is that we baptized Ev... a little 12 year old girl who had been going to church with some members. She was so awesome. We contacted her an baptized her the same weekend because she already had all the church attendences she needed, a real persona escogida (chosen person) If I do say so myself.

From there we were working frickin' hard all week long so that the Lord will bless us. Profundamente (profoundly) I love that all you have to do is work hard and obey the commandments and He does the rest... Dope 

They took my comp's cast off and the 5 inch like wads of cotton he had inside. So he can breath, but now he can't smell. Is that bad? probably not right... they said his sense of smell will come back. But I reminded him where we are and that it would probably be for the best if his smelling doesn't come back until he gets to the States haha.

We went to the beach again for P-day but this time we played AMERICAN footbal instead of just futbol It was pretty dope, even though we couldn't get in the water...

And we were sitting infront of our house talking with Oscar the owner (who is in a wheel chair), and out of nowhere two large Guatemalan ladies started yelling and screaming and we got to wittness a classic Guatemalan screaming battle... The good thing is I learned a whole bunch of new swear words in Spanish. Haha it eventually ended and we went inside but it was pretty amazing.

I have a strong testimony I'm not sure how it happened though. I have definatly had some challenges but nothing to bad haha.

Love you guys.  Have fun.  Do good things 

Elder Tagg

I Freaking Love God

January 2 2017

Mahm y Daddy O

How goes it? everything over here is pretty great, besides the fact that we did pretty much nothing this whole week. my comp was in reposo (repose aka resting from work),  because he had to have surgery on his nose. But apart from that it was pretty cool. The assistants brought us like a bunch of food. Macdonalds or Taco Bell everyday and I got a lot of studying done. I also learned a new trompo trick (trompos are these top things that are really awesome that you see in the pictures you can do some pretty freakin cool tricks with them). So that was cool. Also we had a milagro (miracle) this week. I was on divisions and we found a member in the street and she said that her niece (who had been coming to church for a little bit) wanted to get baptized and that SHE, the member, would go and get permission herself from her nieces Mom since we were unable to go. So I was like hahahah AWESOME!  Let's do it so on Sunday she handed me the signed registro bautismal (baptisimal record), Such a Blessing! I freaking love God. He's a good guy, even thoough we didn't work very much we still are going to baptize. What a Guy. 

Aside from that, nothing really happened.  I went on a lot of divisions one time with a youth from the ward who I think might be a little gay because he would luagh real feminine like, and the touch my arm like a female.  But anyways we did divisoins and then we got freaking soaked in a downpour on the first day of the year.

But pretty much just that happened. Love you guys 

Elder Tagg


December 26 2016

Hey guys!  This week has been pretty good, it was good to see you guys yesterday. Sorry I didn't have much to say... I guess it's cause there is not much new stuff going on. I'm pretty used to the thug life now. Nothing new really happens from now on. It's just like im coasting or gliding like a melodious Guatemalan eagle. 

One thing that happened this week was that today Elder J broke or fractured his nose. We where playing volleyball, and then we started to play soccer and he went to head the ball some other kid did too, and they colided and J's nose came out all crooked.

love you guys...
Elder Tagg