Monday, February 27, 2017

Pretty Dope

Mahm y Daddy O

Sooo, this week was pretty dope. We had a nice conference with Elder Rasband. I got to shake his hand, we did lots of divisions with the district, and we put some fechas (dates for baptism)  for the 25th of this month. We gonna baptize like 3 people on the 25th.  It's gonna be awesome.  Also I completed 18 months yesterday! Dope. 

So Elder Rasband came and he talked a lot about how Thomas S Monson loves us, and that he was thankful for us, and that we can be the light for lots of people if we are worthy diligent and obedient, we also learned about the expiación (atonement) 'twas pretty cool to hear the voice and teachings of an apostle. 

Fom there we had a miracle in our area. A lady and two kids that have a bunch of attendance in church all accepted fechas (dates for baptism) and we gonna baptize this weekend. Hermana Shelly and two kids that they call the peludos (furry) because they have a bunch of hair. 

Today as a zone we played kickball, football and ninja. T'was dope and then we all went to the new subway they put in. Pretty awesome, but it's pretty expensive.  It's like 45 quetzales for a combo. 

But yea bendiciones (blessings) for all

Elder Tagg

PS Oh I also thought Mahm would like this picture of a burning children's park. Ha ha ​

Elder Tagg in the WAY back with his head poking up

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