Friday, March 24, 2017

Pretty Kool

MAHM Y Daddy O 

This week was pretty good. We worked hard and were able to see the fruits of our labors. This week we had 7 investigators in church. It was amazing, a true miracle! We were able to have really spiritual lessons with an old investigator that we had before. He couldn't get baptized because he wasn't married to his partner. Also, his partner didn't want to even listen to us at all. However, this time, when we went again, she listened to us. We made cry when we were talking about how she needs to fight for her family and do everything to support her "husband" and her daughter. She cried, but it was like a good spiritual cry not like a 'I'm a horrible person' cry.  It was good. Then they both went to church. 

So that stuff happened. We are probably going to baptize like 2 people this weekend. Two little kids, but it's gonna be kool either way. The work in Guatemala is dope. THIS IS THE PROMISED LAND!! 

We went and played pool today for P-day we also played soccer It was pretty kool. But yea pretty much just that happened this week. Just so you know I only killed the lizard because it was eating the baby chickens of our neighbor and other bad stuff like that. and then my English is like that because English is not my mission language my Spanish is concecrated but my English is normal still. IDK 

Love you guys 

Elder Tagg 

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