Sunday, June 12, 2016

New Area, New Companion, New Calling

Evan and his newest companion
The guy in front was with Evan in the CCM

A multi-zone get together! 


Hey Mahm and Daddy O,

So this week was pretty fun. As you guys probably already know, I had transfers from Tejutla. I am now in an area called Maclen which is in the other zone in the mountains. It's called Zona San Pedro. This area seems awesome with really strong members which is a big change from Tejutla. My new companions name is Elder Perez. He is from Peru and has 21 months in the mission. He seems awesome. 
My area, Maclen, is another one of those areas where you don't reaslly baptize a lot. It's kinda like Tejutla that way,  but we are baptizing this week! He is a 17 year old named Wi... He is sweet. I will send pictures of him next week. 

Also this week I was moved up to be a District Leader. It's pretty cool. My district is only 4 missionaries, and we all live in the same house because we live so far away from everyone else. It's still sweet though. I get to pass stats on to the Zone Leaders and I interview people... Pretty dang exciting... 
Anyways some cool things happened in the mountain Zones. First of all,l Elder GH... from my district in the CCM is in my district now and we live in the same freaking house!  Second, Elder Ga... came up to Zone San Marcos (my old zone) freaking right when I leave that zone, he enters it. But it's all cool. We get to see each other on P-days.
So that's all that pretty much happened this week. I love you guys and miss you.
Elder Tagg

skinny horse, skinny Elder
I love this shot
She's holding an egg
Elder Tagg and Elder Perez from Peru
Do the chickens have large talons?
Early morning Elder Tagg

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