Friday, December 18, 2015

Same Comp and Going Strong

Hey Maham y Daddy-o

This week was real special. First of all I'm still here in Sam Isidro with the same comp going strong.  We had another baptism this week of the couple that got married. It was a really cool experience. We also have another baptism this Friday of a family that we found.  Well really just the kids not the Mom, but we will work on it. 

I'm doing good. My comp is doing good, and every body is happy. I'm still working on the package thing and I don't think I will get the package from Brother Dyer soon because there are no missionaries coming here from the CCM right now. But if you could send baptismal pants and another one of those dog dazer things, because mine got wet. Try to look for one that is stronger... Please and thank you. 

we have the option to Skype either on the 23rd or the 25th but the 25th works better for my comp's family so we are going to do it then. I still don't know what time but I'll try to figure everything out so everything can go smoothly. 

Sorry not much to report this week. More next week. Love you guys

Elder Tagg

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