Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Moto Taxis, Perros y Narcos

Maham y Daddy-O

Here in Guatemala they do not celebrate Halloween.  They celebrate la Dia De Los Muertos. But from what I saw they didn't really celebrate it that much.  There were no signs besides the fact that everyone eats fiambre. You can look it up. It's like a bunch of random meats and vegetables died different colors and served cold its really weird. I had it twice yesterday. My baptism with Ke... did go through. We baptized him last Saturday it was really cool. I don't know if I want to be chief of washing the family's socks.  Honestly the washing machine will do it a lot better. I liked the photos you sent of Drew and the other ones in the email. I haven't gotten my birthday package yet but I did get the card you sent on Sept 11th. I cannot change playlists on my iPod shuffle. I think I need a head phone set to listen to it because when I press the voice button I can't hear anything through the speaker. I don't know, it's weird.  I'm thinking about sending a package to you guys with cool things from Guatemala for Christmas but I would need extra money because I can't use the mission money for that... Think about it .

This week we had the baptism of Ke...l it was really cool. I now have brought three almas (souls) to Christ.  Pretty awesome. This week I went on divisions with the zone leaders.  They are really cool guys and I learned a lot. I think I'm starting to grasp this Gospel but I'm not sure. Two youth in the ward got their mission calls. One is going to Nicargaua, the same mission that my companion lives in. The other one is going to Arizona. Not a lot of unique stuff happened this week, just the normal missionary stuff. So instead I will share three fun facts about life in Guatemala Retalhuleu. Also I killed  one of the small moths here I'll send a picture.

Number one, there are moto taxis here that are called 'tuk tuks.'  They have three wheels and the way they drive them here reminds me of Korea.  It's crazy.  You can probably google a picture of them they are pretty cool. But we use them to go everywhere. 

Number two, the perros (dogs) here are crazy they have almost made me not like dogs anymore just because the ones living one the streets are so abused and almost dead and they smell awful. I think its because the people here treat the dogs like they are less than trash. 

Number three, everybody here has chickens and for eggs and to eat or something but the lady who lives beneath us has some and every morning at like 5:50am they go crazy and make sooo much noise I want to kill them. 

Bonus fact, I think my neighbor is what they call a narco, or basically a drug dealer. Because his house is freaking nice and he's got a pack of like 6 chihuahuas that guard his house. 

Yup those are the facts. 


Yo se que vive mi Señor. (I know that my redeemer lives)


Elder Tagg

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