Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Death by Chihuahua


This week has been great but sadly there was no drunk investigator in sacrement meeting.  Probably because we didn't tell him what time to be there. The investigators are coming along great we baptized Hermana Is... this last Saturday and have another baptism lined up for this next Saturday.  We have two new families that agreed to second visits. We also have two investigators who we hope to commit to a date for baptism this week.  Their names are Walter and Albert. We have lots of others too but those are the progressing ones. The langauge is getting easier to understand and I am starting to talk with more natural flow.  The food here is okay I guess.  Every meal we have flower tortillas which I don't like much because they don't have flavor. But their are tons of people here that all they do everyday is make tortillas. It's called tortillando which means something like tortillaing. We do have a member that we pay to wash our clothes but for some reason she doesn't wash socks. So I have to wash my own socks 😞 but it's not too bad.  This week I learned that I really like the mission life.  It's calidad. (quality).

This week President Ruiz came to our zone and called us all to repentance because like half of our zone were not doing companion study.  He did this thing where all the junior compainons left the room he called up the senor companion asked them what they studied during companion study. Then he called in the junior comp to see if it was the same. Elder Go... and I both said the plan of salvation because that is what we studied, but a lot of the zone didn't study anything. We also had personal interviews with the President.  He only talked with me for two minutes, but he said that was a good thing because that means I'm not doing anything wrong. (or Elder T can't communicate yet in Spanish). The president also new me by name so that made me feel good. So that's what I learned this week. 

Also this week we had a primary programish thing. Imagine thirty kids with equal or more engery to the wildest kids trying to do a primary program.  That's what it was like... Not good. 

Also this week I had some wierd experience with my dreams and I dont know how I feel about it. So like on Wednesday I prayed and asked God if I could see in my dreams who my future wife is going to be. So I went to bed and and waited for my dreams to come. That night I dreamt about dogs. I was in Guatemala in the streets and out of nowhere a bunch of chihuahuas attacked and ate me and it was horrible! But then (this is where it gets weird) Thursday night I dreamt that you guys where in Guatemala picking me up and we were in the streets of one of my areas and we run into the _____ family they where there picking _____ up from her mission. it was really weird. I don't know what that means. I think it means either that I'm going to die by chihuahua here in the streets or marry ______ ______ when I get home.... I don't know why but my dreams are really weird ever since I left.

Anyways I love the pictures you sent thank you!! that's awesome that Drew got to fly a plane. Oh there is an elder here named Elder Lovett who is going home in two weeks and is going to BYUI for Spring semester. I told him to look for a ginger named Nathan Tagg tell Nathan to look for him.  He is one of my zone leaders now.

Love all you Guys and Miss you 

Elder Tagg
Elder Tagg has grown horns... or some horns are attached to that tree...

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  1. Oh my gosh hilarious! LOL but fill in the blanks! I don't want to mind my own business! 😝