Tuesday, October 13, 2015

First Baptism!!

Maham & Daddy-O,  

This week was crazy! First off, sorry I couldn't write yesterday. I was in Guatemala City signing my visa. It was an all day trip because from my area to Reu is a 3 hour bus ride and from Reu to Guatemala city was 4 hours. So yesterday I had 14 hours in a bus. 

I am now 19 years old, but I still feel like I'm 15. My birthday was great we only had one baptism though. His name is Di... and I got to baptize him!!! It was way awesome but hard too because we had some difficulties. So originally his baptism was supposed to be at 3 pm but the baptismal font wouldn't fill with water so we had to hire some guys to pump in other water.  We ended up waiting two hours for those guys so Dilan was baptized at 5 pm instead of three. I was so nervous to baptize him because his full name is Ja.. Di... Es... Va... and the words of the prayer are hard for me to pronounce: Hbiendo sido comisionado por Jesucristo yo te bautizo en el nombre del Padre, y del Hijo, y del Espiritu Santo Amen. Also, the first time I dunked him, his hand didn't go all the way under so I had to redo everything. But in the end it was way cool. Also, for my birthday we had cake at a member's house, and that night I got to give my companion a blessing because he is sick with gripe which is like a common cold. 

We only had one baptism this week but we have another lined up for two Saturdays from now. Her name is Isidra she is an old lady but way spiritual. 

I think that I am getting sick because I have a bunch of diarrhea. I have pooped 4 times today before lunch. I'll have to call the nurse or something. I don't know what elder Ga...'s house looks like, but I think I have a pretty nice house compared to the other Elders. I'm glad you guys are having fun without me. I was worried that once I left the party would too.  But I guess not hahaha.

We are working hard. Please pray for us that we can find a familia de pro (or family of gold) and baptize them. That would be awesome!!! I think that I am learning the language way fast. I feel like I can understand people way better than I can talk though.

It's true that the people here are really poor, but what I love about the Champins is that they make do. It's like they get what they get and don't get upset.

Love you guys so much and miss you

Elder Tagg

PS BTW I got the fist package with the cookies. Thanks SOO much.

Elder Tagg's first baptism on 10-10-15

Elder Tagg and Di..

Elder Tagg Di... and Elder Go...

Evan says this hole reminds him of the movie Totoro

His apartment

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