Monday, October 19, 2015

I Love The Mission


This week was awesome. Nothing really special happened, but it was a good none the less. I'm progressing well I think... not sure. I can understand a lot of what people say, but I always get caught up on the words and conjugations when I'm speaking. Everyday I wake up at 6:30 and I go to the bathroom, eat something, go to the bathroom again, shower, then bathroom again, get dressed, start studying, then go to the bathroom again. Then after we finish studying at 11 we go out and work .Then we have lunch at 2 usually with a member then we work some more and have dinner then go back home and plan and go to bed. Some times during the day we go to district meetings or zone meetings. My days are pretty calidad (quality). I always end up with wet clothes cause it's either deathly hot, or monsoon raining. But if the people here can do it I can.

Love and miss you 

Elder Tagg

Maham and Daddy-O

This week has been really fast. This week was awesome nothing really special happened but it was a good none the less.  I think I'm becoming more spiritually in tune not sure.. The teaching part is really cool. I share my testimony and share some scriptures that I know really well, but for the most part we just listen. My Spanish is coming along well. I told Dad more about that in the email I sent him. 

This week we got lots of new investigators.. one of them is named Albert. He is really cool. He is 19 years old and wants to be baptized and change his life, but he has some problems he needs to work out.  Another investigator's name is Walter. He is really cool. Our first lesson with him went really bad, but he read and prayed and our secound lesson was amazing. I think we are going to baptize both of them. We also foumd this really drunk guy who couldn't talk he was so drunk.  So naturally we decided to talk to him.  We told him that God loved him and he needed to stop drinking. He started crying and trying to talk but we couldn't understand him so I looked to Elder Go... to see what we should do and he told me to invite him to be baptized for practice.  So I invited him and he accepted!!! Then we told him we were angels and that he needed to go to the Mormon church on Sunday. So we will see what happens there. It was a really funny awesome expirience.

Also this week our zone had a 'Mega Splash' we all got together and baptized like 5 people it was way cool. Also this week I have been having these dreams where I'm home doing normal things with the fam and then I realize OH crap! I'm supposed to be on a mission, and I feel sad because I realize I came home early and I really want to go back on my mission. Then I wake up and I'm on my mission and I feel happy. This has happened at least three times. It's really wierd. 

Maham my companion does not have a lot of support. His mom died when he was 17 and his Dad isn't a member, so do what you will. Also he says beef jerky would be nice. Also I can't figure out how to cahnge playlists on my ipod but you can send USB cards with music on them and I can play those. Also I realized that I don't have any pictures of you guys. If you could send some that would be awesome. 

One more last thing. I love you guys and miss you, but I also love the mission. 

Elder Tagg

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