Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Trapped in an Elevador

Mahm y Daddy´o 

This week a lot happened, but first let me answer your questions.  First I am more feeling adjusted. I feel pretty normal as a missionary now. I'm pretty much over the culture shock but there still are things that I'm still like... "what the freak are these people doing" about.  Like all the body language the people use here.  They use it for everything and I don't understand. My language is getting a lot better.  I can hold a conversation for like five minutes without an awkward pause so that is a good thing!!  I'm working hard but sometimes it's difficult because Elder G has 21 months and sometimes he doesn't want to work very hard. But I think he is going to have transfers. I do remember reading with you when I was little.  We read Harry Potter. That was awesome. And thanks for the advice about not doubting my self. I think that is a problem I have had my whole life. 

Anyways this week was awesome I went on divisions with the companion of my district leader, Elder Ga... He is really cool but a really serious guy.  I get that missionary work is serious but that doesn't mean that you can't have fun while doing it. Anyways something really memorable happened this week. So we have zone meetings every week on Tuesdays and we have them in the stake center which is like the nicest building in the whole city because it has an elevator. It's only two floors so the elevator is really small... So after our zone meeting my comp yelled "everyone in the elevator!" So 10 Elders, including me, my comp, and Elder Ngu... a Tongan Elder who has a scholarship to play football as a defensive lineman after his mission at Texas State University piled in the tiny elevator and started to descend.  When we were almost at the bottom we all heard a loud banging noise and the doors opened and we were trapped beneath the first floor by like five feet.  Nobody could move because of how packed it was. The good thing was that the elevator had AC so we didn't suffocate. We where all stuck in the elevator for at least a hour before the 1st counselor to the bishop came with a special key and let us all out. Luckily nobody was hurt. It was pretty scary. One of the Elders took a selfie of all of us in the elevator. I'm going to have him send me it and I'll probably send it next week to you guys. At the least it was a memorable experience. 

Also this week we had a surprise visit from the president and he told us that we needed to work harder and find more new investigators this week so me and Elder Go worked harder to try to find new people and we found a family of four all over the age of 8. After teaching them they told us they knew that everything we were saying was true, and that it was a miracle that we were there. I think for sure that we are going to baptize them they just need to hear all the lessons. This week we found 13 new investigators with just 2 families. 

To close I just want to say that I love and miss all of you guys 

Elder Tagg

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