Monday, September 5, 2016

Miracles Do Happen

Maham y Daddy-O,
 Hey guys what's up?  Everything over here is going pretty good.  I'm pretty good, but lately I have been thinking a lot about home. I don't know why, maybe it's because I am going 'down the hill' now. If the mission was like a mountain, and the year mark is the peak, I have now reached the peak and I'm going down the mountain. Everybody knows going down the mountain is a lot faster than going up. So yea, maybe that is why I have been a little baggy (homesick). I have a goal though, to only be a little baggy when I'm in the house in bed.  So far it's working out pretty well.  I also have another goal to read every book in the mission library before I end the mission. I'm reading Jesus the Christ right now. It's really interesting, but sometimes hard to read.  I struggle finding motivation and everything like that.  

So this week we baptized R... it was awesome. He bore his testimony after he was baptized. It's always awesome to see your convert share what he has come to know. So that makes me happy. But I'm also kind of sad because L... didn't go to church this Sunday so we have to postpone his baptism. Sometimes it's really hard because people don't want to give up their time for the Lord. But I know that he will be baptized and will be a missionary some day. ITS ALL ABOUT THAT FE (faith).  You gotta have fe or else milagros (miracles) won't come to pass. 

So this week we had a multi-zone conference with half the mission and with a general authority from the first Quorum of the Seventy Elder Alonso. It was really cool. We learned a lot about the atonement.  He told us that if we taught the atonement well and with the Spirit that our investigators would tell us to baptize them.  So my companion and I  put it to the test.   I really tried to put the atonement into practice in my life and in my teachings this week and we were sharing a lesson with a part member family of less actives.  We shared a message about the atonement and how God has prepared a way for us to return to Him and that by do the things He has sent us here to do, we are able to put this plan into practice.  The Spirit was so strong.  After our lesson the Father of the family who isn't a member came out of the other room where he had been listening and thanked us for helping his family. He said he understood our lesson perfectly and that he was going to go to church with us one Sunday.  So when that happened we were totally shocked because that Dude never wanted to talk to us before, and now he was telling us that he would go do church when we didn't even invite him.  I know that the promise Elder Alonso gave to us that day came true and that miracles do happen.  


Love you guys

Elder Tagg

PS some old photos that I'm finally putting up.  Evan's camera hasn't been working so these will have to do for now... 

A recent baptism right after he transferred from the mountains back to the coast

Another recent baptism.  His pants are looking pretty large on him (!)  

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