Monday, September 19, 2016

Ear Update

Maham y Daddy O 

Hey guys hows it going over there? It's pretty good here. It was a kind of weird week though because we got to go to the capital, Guatemala City! It was pretty cool. We left on Wednesday, stayed the night there and came back late Thursday night. It was quite an adventure. I ate in McDonald's for like the 2nd time ever on my mission. It was soo good I cried. Hahah!  It was like an actual hamburger, AMAZING. We also found a Hard Rock Cafe but we didn't go in. I was really impressed by the capital actually.  It's so different than the Guatemala I know.  There are like actually street and buildings that aren't made entirely of cinder block. I saw the Doctor and he said that the hole in my eardrum is really big. I basically don't have an eardrum. But there is nothing they can do here it has to wait until I get back. He also said that it was stable and there is no infection or anything. I just have to keep water out. I also can't change altitudes. So it looks like I won't be going back to San Marcos or San Pedro any time soon.

This week we had some cool experiences. We had 4 investigators in church and we challenged L's little brother with a baptismal date and he accepted and is going to be baptized this Saturday. But L still hasn't come to church, which is kind of frustrating. But we aren't going to give up on him. 

Also this week we found some cool new investigators. One is super Evangelical dude. And he asked us a question that I couldn't respond to. It was about the adulterous women they brought before Jesus to be stoned.  His question was why didn't they bring the man before Jesus too because they had both committed adultery. I was like uuuuuhhhhh I don't know, but is that going to help you with your salvation? And he was like well not really but I want to know. So we told him we would study it but I haven't found an answer yet. Another question he asked was when we shared John 3:5 that says basically if you aren't born of water and of the spirit you can't enter the Kingdom of God and he was like "but what about the thieves that were crucified with Jesus, he wasn't baptized, he just believed in Jesus' words and Jesus promised him that they would see each other in paradise. We where like uuuhhh. hahah this guy had some good questions. All in a good days work hahahah. 

But I love you guys and I'll talk to you next week. If you have an answer for any of the questions that would be cool.

Elder Tagg

Kids celebrating Guatemala Independence Day with some street "music"

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