Friday, April 29, 2016

Amazing Tiring Week

April 25 2016

Mahm y Daddy'O 

How's life going for yous guys?  I hope its' all good. My life is pretty swell. I'm enjoying it. I just wanted to say happy birthday and anniversary. I hope it was awesome and that the cake tasted good without me hahahah. Sounds like lots oh fun what yous guys did. 

This week was amazing, but always very tiring. Soo we baptized that family on Sunday Hahaha. (l asked him my the "hahaha" here... He replied that it was funny because the Mom was 84 and you had to shout for her to hear you making it a funny baptism). It was awesome, but really difficult. We literally had to do everything so that it could happen. Really stressful. First of all, they live freaking far away from the church, an second... it was just hard, trust me.  (Too hard to elaborate apparently).

This week we also had the opportunity to go to Malacatan my old area!!! We went because a Hermana from our ward is going on a mission, but she needed her dental work done. There is a member who is a Dentist in Malactan.  He did the work for really cheap. it was good to see my old area, but it was also freaking hot! I forgot how hot it was on the coast. 

Anyways, our Mission President is dying (finishing his mission) in like 2 months, so all the zones are going to the temple. Which means that I get  to go to the temple again. That is pretty much everything that happened this week. 

Love you guys here are some more pictures 

Elder Tagg

The 84 yr old woman and her two sons at their baptism

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