Monday, April 25, 2016

I'm Loving It

April 18 2016

Maham and Daddy-O,

Heys guy this week was freaking sweet because we got to go to the temple with the Rama (Branch). It was awesome even though my comp and I didn't go to a session. We stayed and helped out the youth and did baptisms. My comp and I couldn't baptize them, but we did the confirmations, we were witnesses, and pretty much everything else you can do. 

I felt so good after the trip was done because we had to plan everything. It was soo hard to get the members animated enough to want to go. We invited like 80,000 people but only 18 ended up going. But besides that, it was really cool, and I really got to feel the Spirit.

Also this week we had interviews with the President because he is dying (finishing his mission) in 2 months. He wanted to see how everything was going and stuffs like that. He only talked to me for like 2 minutes again. He did the same thing with my comp. He says it's because he trusts us... IDK. 

Gueesssssss  what?! That family that I told you guys about that are really poor, accepted a fete (date) and we are baptizing them on the 23 of this month. So that is freaking awesome.  it has been soo good to see the Gospel help that family.  We are also going to baptize a partial family the first Saturday in May. President said that if we do that, we will be the companionship of the mission this month. I don't really know what that is because I have never heard of that in the past 8 months that I have been here. But it sounds pretty cool right? President also has told the whole mission that the Tejutla has seen miracles and stuffs like that : )

Tomorrow will mark 8 months in the mission, but I feel like I have 2 weeks haha. Except I can speak Spanish now hahaha. But I am loving it. It's really crazy how fast it has all gone by. 

Freak! I almost forgot. There was an earthquake here but it wasn't that big. It was a temblorito nada mas, (tremble nothing more).  But there was a huge earthquake in Ecuador where my comp's family is. Please pray for them. 

love you guys and miss you 

Elder Tagg

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