Monday, February 22, 2016

Fleas in my Bed


Hey Maham y Daddy'O,

This week was pretty good here in las tierras frias (the cold lands). The area is pretty different than the coast were I was in Malacatan. For example, all of the areas are really far away and we can't go to them all the time so the investigators sometimes can't progress like they need to. Something that my first comp Elder Go... told me when we were at the change meeting is that Tejutla is a special area and that I need to have a lot of patience and a lot of faith. So that's what I'm doin' I guess. Just going with it...

By the way, Elder Go... finished his mission. At this last change meeting he went home. So that happened. 

But other than that Tejutla is good.  The branch is growing. Elder Wil... has 7 months here, so he is about to finish his calling as branch president. So that means I might be president. I don't know if I'm ready but I'm going to try anyways. Elder Wil... is an awesome guy. We get along really well. He isn't like a 'Peter Priesthood' type, which is good, because I'm not either. You can't be like that and have fun on the mission... Which I think is something really important. You have to know how to have fun but still live within the rules. He and I have mastered that. We are going to do some good work here. Elder Wil... says that sometimes being branch president is really hard because he has to do interviews and carry all the weight of all the members that confess their sins to him. He tells me sometimes he feels inadequate because he is 19 years old and they are 60 year old men coming in to tell him their sins, and he has to help them. I don't know if i would be able to do that.... We will see. 

Anyways it's awesome that Brother Dyer is coming back and that he knows San Marcos. The bad part is that Tejutla is like a city an hour and a half drive away from the main city. I have not gotten the package with the shoes. I think it might be in the office but I'm not sure. If you could send some warm clothing (anything at all would be awesome). But I don't think I'll need a coat. Thanks guys. Love ya so much. 

I'll be sure to write Niko, Bro Dyer, & Audrey 

Love and miss you guys 

Elder Tagg


Maham y Daddy-O

Hey guys! How's it going? This week was a pretty normal one. We got all the fleas out of my bed, so that was a good start to my week. The red itchy dots are going away and I feel better... but I still got a little bit of a cold. 

My comp is from Arizona. No one here feeds us, we make our own food. I have been making a lot of macaroni and eggs-in-the-middle-of-toast. It's pretty good. I prefer this than chicken everyday from members. Now I don't have to wash my own socks, but the lady that washes our clothes is a less-active so we have to wash our own garments. I have gotten some sweaters from some 'pacas' here. Those are like thrift stores. The people here literally take all the clothes that we donate and they sell them.  It kind-of makes me a little mad actually. Like they are taking advantage of our donations or something.

Anyways we got lots of investigators that are doing good and stuff like that. We are going to have a lot of baptisms in March or at least we should. We have at least 4 that are progressing and on course for baptism this month. 

President still hasn't told me if I'm going to be president of branch. He is still waiting to get an answer from the Lord.

One thing exciting that happened this week is I completed 6 months on my mission. So I  burned a tie. It was pretty cool because the tie I burned was a special one. The story behind it is I wore a tie I really loved to a multi-zone meeting, and president's wife said it was too flashy and it called attention away from my face. So she took it and gave me an ugly as crap one instead. So I burned the one they gave me... It was crappy that they took my tie, but I got 'em back by burning the one they gave me. Ahahahahah

That was pretty much every thing that happened this week. The package with the shoes in it is in he office. I'm just waiting for some one to bring it to me thanks so much Maham. Love ya.

I miss and love you guys

Elder Tagg

Burning a tie

Elder W


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