Tuesday, February 9, 2016

New Area! Tejutla!

Hey Mahm y Daddy-O

This week was crazy first of all I had changes.  Elder Me... stayed in San Isidro and is now training a new missionary. I've been moved to Zona San Marcos, one of the 2 zones in the mountains. It is freaking cold here. Like you have to wear a sweater at all times so you don't die in the cold... Anyways my area is called Tejutla. It's a small branch that covers an area that takes two hours to get across in a bus... It's freaking huge... My comp's name is Elder Wi... Finally a GRINGO comp! Woooo! He has 18 months on his mission and he is the branch president of the Tejutla Branch, and technically I'm Senior Companion because when he got called to be Branch President they released him from being a missionary, but that calling is only for 6 months and he really still is an Elder. But anyways he is training me to be the next Branch President. President Ruiz told me that he still isn't sure if I will be the new Branch President, but that I should be trained as if I will be... But I don't know still. So right now I am learning how to be a Branch President and trying to learn the area too. But if I am the new branch president I'll be here in Tejutla for at least 6 months. So that's exciting. 

The one thing I'm discouraged about is that in the mountains here in Guatemala we don't baptize as much because the people here have more money and are more prideful. But I'm going to baptize here. Don't you worry. 

Thats sweet that you guys are considering going on a Disney cruise though.  I've heard they are really awesome and high quality. Where would you go?? Sucks that I can't go...  (this has definitely not been determined and our kids at home don't really know yet so... mums the word).

Hey guys since it's really cold here, I'm going to need to buy more sweaters and cold weather clothes.  It would be awesome if you could send me some money.

I love Yous Guys

Cuidase (Take care)

Elder Tagg

 In San Isidro on a water tank
 Me and Elder Med... in San Isidro on a water tank

Me and a 90 year old Guatemalan that has no health problems and can still read. He is awesome.

The view of Tejutla and mountains from my roof

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