Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Guatemalan Cowboys

Hey Mahm y Daddy-O 

How you guys doing? .... I'm doing pretty good.  I have a new comp is and his name is Elder Me... We were in the CCM together. He is senior comp and we are working really awesomely. This Wednesday are the official changes. (as opposed to emergency changes that happened last week). I have no idea what is going to happen, because Elder Me... only has a week in our area, and I have 4 and half months. So who knows what is going to happen. 

This week has been really crazy. We had a really good month as a mission. A little while ago we had an area 70 tell us that as a mission of 200 missionaries we can baptize 200 in one month and more. We have been trying for three months to reach this goal, and this month we have been fasting every Wednesday to reach this goal. We finally did it this month. We baptized and confirmed, as a mission of 200 missionaries, 203 people! I'm pretty sure we broke a record of some sort. I don't know. But it was pretty cool. 

To answer your questions about my health. I'm doing good. I'm staying healthy. But I'm pretty sure I'm still loosing weight. Members and investigators are telling me that I look skinnier, but IDK. I feel fine and I'm eating a lot. About the pills for malaria, I haven't taken one yet I'll get on that muy pronto.

I haven't gotten the package yet but I have faith. 

I love you guys and miss you. Pictures next week 

Love Elder Tagg

PS I have drunk soda with Guatemalan cowboys. Those guys are awesome!

The following are letters from his siblings (and his responses)

Dear Evan
Hello.  I hope you are doing well on your mission.  We went laser tagging at a place called Shadowland and I used a nick name.  My nick name for the game was Unicorn!  My rank at the end was 21 which is pretty bad but I had fun.  I stayed by Dad the whole time.  

I had a fun birthday party.  The theme was my favorite things.  Some of my favorite things that we did were: watching studio C, playing Jenga, making a Totoro stuffed animal and eating pizza.  It was really fun.  

Dad taught my Sunday school class today and he brought in an iron rod which was cool,  

The snow this week was fun.  We made hills in the front of the house and went down it on our sleds and snow boards.  There were 3 "slopes" one was called the oompa loompa with a steep drop.  Audrey is the only one who can do the oompa loompa on the snow board.  The other two slopes were called "sled hammer" and "tackle." 

Lucy and I had two play dates this week.  We bought matching necklaces that are in the shape of donuts.  They are our friendship necklaces.  

That's all for me!  Tell me what you did this week!  

Love you and miss you


PS They remodeled Cafe Rio and it's better!  

Brynbo! (a nick name for her)
Isn't the shape of a donut just a circle?? Love you. Have fun in the snow while I'm sweatin my bum off. 

Elder Tagg

Hey Evan
This is your sister Audrey.  Remember me?  I'm making tater tots right now so that's good.  They smell yummy.  This week was awesome!  We didn't have school for the entire week so that's amazing.  We did some pretty fun stuff that week so that's good.  On Monday & Tuesday we basically sledded the entire day and shoveled too.  Wednesday we went bowling at Walter Reed.  For the first time I didn't use the bumpers.  It was fun.  I beat Drew!  Thursday we went shopping at the mall.  Lucy came with us.  She's cute.  She just got her ears pierced.  Friday I went laser tagging for Brother Weaver's birthday.  Saturday I went ice skating with my friend Alexia and we had a ward potluck.  Alexia is really nice.  I'm in this group chat with some of my friends and they text SOOOOOO much.  One day I got 500 texts.  How are you? Are u teaching a butt load of crap about the gospel.
well my tater tots are done \

love ya

audrey tagg 

Aud Bod sounds like you having lots of fun and workinmg hard don't text too much 
Elder Tagg

Hi Brother
How are you?  How is the missionary work?  What are your biggest concerns at the moment? Are there any cowboys in Guatemala?  Do you drink a lot of soda?  Do you drink soda with Guatemalan cowboys? 

I'm good.  I'm getting ready to take the ACT.  I got a 26 on my practice test. The reading is the hardest for me.  I need to go faster.  

I shoveled 5 driveways including ours during the storms and made 105 dollars combined.  Some neighbors were more generous than others.  

I miss you


Como estas hermano? Mio felicidades por todo que ha hecho en su vida estoy contento porque eres mi hermano y no puedo esperar hasta que tu tienes la oportunidad para servir su misión se que lo vas a amar te amo muchísimo y se que tu puedes entender lo que estoy diciendo por que eres tan pilas y ya sabes español... cuídate mucho y cuida por petrice ella ya esta viajita y no tienes que manejar la como yo le maneje ¿esta bueno? 

con mucho amor 

Elder Tagg

Translation: How are you my brother?  Much congratulations for all you have done in your life.  I'm happy because you are my brother.  I cannot wait until you have the opportunity to serve your mission.  You're going to love it.  I love you very much and I know you can understand what I'm saying because you're good at Spanish.  Take good care of my car Petrice. 

With much love

Elder Tagg

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