Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Feeling the Spirit

Maham y Daddy-O

Hey guys This week was pretty good. But I'm feeling kinda sad cause I haven't baptized anybody in a little while. But the good news is that we have two baptisms lined up for the 5th of March. Here in Tejutla the missionaries have only baptized 2 in the last year, so I'd say our baptisms are basically miracles. Presidente Ruiz still hasnt recieved his answer if I'm going to be Branch President or not. I don't know why, but I have a feeling that I'm not going to be... we will see the 30th of March I guess, or if he decides to tell me before then. Hahaha.

The two baptisms that we are going to have are of two kids of a member that haven't been baptized yet. One of the names is Gio.... who is12. He is awesome and ready to get baptized. The other ones name is Jer... who is 8 years old. Usually when there is an unbaptized 8 year old that is the son or daughter of a member, the baptism counts for the ward or brach. But since he wasn't in the system, he counts as a convert for us. So he is a miracle for us. Anyways they and all my investigators are doing really well... President Ruiz told us that if we baptize 10 people in the month of March he will put a story and a photo of us in the Liahona magazine... That woould be awesome, but it's gonna be a little difficult. But we already have 2 for sure baptisms this month. I'll let you guys know how it goes. 

The Philippine trip sounds awesome Maham. The pictures you sent make it look really nice compared to Guatemala. How 'bout we have a contest this week?  Whoever can find the most disgusting thing in the street wins. We shall exchange photos next week... I shall win! Hehehehe.... even though I didn't take a picture of the dead dog on the side of the road that we found yesturday haha.

This week I was having a little trouble feeling the spirit I don'y know why. Usually I almost always feel it. But I don't kow what happened this week... Any tips?? 

Keep on keeping on. I love yous guys...

Elder Tagg


This week was pretty interesting. Lots of stuff happened. First of all, President took our whole zone out for lunch. We had this Guatemalan version of steak. I thought it was pretty good... But apparently my body didn't, because on the hour and a half bus ride home, I threw it all up out the window of the bus. I almost hit Elder Wil... with the throw-up, because he was sitting in between me and the window. When we got off the bus, like the whole side of it was covered in my puke. It was pretty awesome... but I wouldn't recommend it. 

Anyways that happened. We also had two baptisms this week of two kids of less actives that needed to be baptized... So that was cool. Their names are Ger... and Ca... We were going to have one more, but at the last second, Gio... (another that was supposed to get baptize) did not come... So this week we need to go see what happened and then baptize him this next week. Keep him in your prayers. 

Another thing that happened was we found out presidente Wil... (my companion)  is going to have emergency changes because he has been in Tejutla for 8 months already. So President called a new Branch Presisent. His name is Elder Vil... and I'm going to train him. He comes on Wednesday. I wanted to stay with Wil...  because he's pretty cool and we get along really well. But I guess that's not what President has in mind... Whatever makes President happy I guess. Hahha. Also President has told us that they are opening an new mission in Guatemala and that it will take some areas from our mission. So whoever is in those areas will be apart of the new mission I think though that it won't open until the new President comes and by that time I'll have almost a year and who knows where I will be. But Tejutla will definitley be a part of the new mission. So that is pretty exciting.

Anyways that is pretty much it. Thanks for the advice and everything. Love you guys

Elder Tagg

PS Still having troule with the pictures sorry 

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