Friday, September 11, 2015

Tie Trading

Mahm and Daddy-O

This week has gone by so fast.  My companion is not the one with the glasses but the one to my right.  He is a good guy.  I will do my best to stay away from rats and things but it's really hard. Don't worry about sending the bed bug email to the CCM, it was fine. 

So anyways this week has gone by really really fast! I have been learning so fast but it's also really hard. Anyways this week I got into tie trading. I've gotten myself some good ones.  If you want to you can round up any Penguin brand tie you can find and send them to me.  They are usually really cool. I don't think we can recieve packages in the CCM though.So their is no rush. This week I went to the temple and the entire thing was in spanish even the end.  It was basically just me repeating sounds but it was still really cool and spiritual. 

Mahm, I know you have been talking to Elder Ga...´s Mom because she sent him an email about you. I'm not saying that is a bad thing but just know I know. I love elder Ga... He is an awesome guy. 

Anyways there is this big building next to the CCM that everyone calls "the great and spacious building" because it's a bar and on the weekends at night you can hear music and screaming drunk people... Please don't email the Mission President about that because I don't think he can do anything. (sheesh!  I wouldn't do that! You send one tiny email about your son having bedbugs in a church owned facility and now he thinks I'm "that Mom") 

Anyways everyday during sports time I play knock out or basket ball and I'm getting pretty good so Dad you better watch out.

This week at the CCM we got new Latino and North American missionaries. It is awesome to not be the newbies anymore. 

Sorry I don't have much to say anything really exciting happening this week.  Noting happened except a drive by shooting... not a the CCM but on the other side of the street. It was totally wicked!! (wha!?)

It's so awesome that Cameron is home from his mission. I think that will be good for them to have him home. Tell them all hello!

I love and miss you guys soo much!

Elder Tagg

I assume this is his zone.  I can't even see where he is!!  

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