Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Giant Hands

Daddy-O and Mahm

This past week has gone by super fast again.  Probably because was my last P-day was only 4 days ago.  The reason is that every time the older group leaves we have a P-day. So the elders from my transfer are officially the oldests in the CCM. Only two weeks left, and I can't wait to get out. When it was the older group's transfers last night all the Elders on the third floor went into the hall and sang 'God Be With You 'til We Meet Again' in Spanish. It was so awesome and powerful and I really felt the spirit. I was reminded of my farewell talk when they sang that for the closing song making us all cry  Dang that Sister Ti... for choosing that song. I will miss some people here, but the field is white and ready or el campo es blanco y listo.

My time here has been blessed because I have not really gotten sick. Aside from some minor diarrhea, I've been okay. Elder Ga...got really sick for a couple days and what ever he had, I do not want. And yes, Elder Ga... put me in charge of punishing people with my belt... It's really fun and we eventually just started whipping each other for fun but then one of the other Elders thought it wasn't appropriate, so he told the President and we had to stop. But it was good while it lasted. (I can imagine that getting out of control pretty fast... Especially with Elder Tagg who never gives in when it comes to rough play)

Anyways remember how I said that I thought my Spanish had improved from a pre-school level to a first grade level? Well this week I actually met a first grader and I am now re-ranking my self back at pre-school level como triste. (how sad) But I know that it will come.

Today we got to go to the temple again but this time we went with Presidente Cox and Hermana Cox it was pretty cool. We also get to go outside of the CCM today for the first time ever and go to a mall!  I am so excited I feel like I have been trapped here for soo long. I'll let you know how it went next week. Today is independence day in Guatemala. So last night and probably tonight the fire works will be going nonstop because Guatemalans know how to celebrate. 

It's is really weird to think that I have 23 months left out here. That is 100 weeks or 700 days. That's not a lot of time. I better get to work. 

Here in the CCM I have had so many weird dreams. One of them was that I was on the highway in a jeep but the jeep broke down so I had to use my giant hands and arms to push the jeep along the highway like I was in one of those kid toy cars. But people kept running over my hands. It was really weird and scary. I don't know what they are feeding us but I think its making me dream weird things.  When we were walking back from the temple we met some North American missionaries that had been out for a year already. They said they miss the food from the CCM and that we were going to suffer in the field.  This makes me scared because the food here is not that great.

Mahm I know you were just looking out for me. Thank you and I know your not 'that mom' I love you.

Daddy-o keep going to those classes even though they stink because I believe your gonna be a quarter back some day.

Love all of you guys to death 

Elder Tagg

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