Tuesday, September 1, 2015

No More Bedbugs

Elder Tagg and his CCM district outside the temple in Guatemala


Hey guys, so this week has gone by so fast. There are a couple of things that I forgot to mention in my last email. Right when I got to the CCM they shaved my head down to the nub. I look horrible now, but hair should grow back right¿  The other thing is that the teachers here took my camera and my ipod, becausee they are too distracting.  I get them back when I leave though... Anyways that's my excuse for no pictures....

About the bed bugs, the CCM president came and talked to me because you wrote to him.  It turns out that it probably wasn't bed bugs just like mosquitos or a rash or something. Any way, the red dots are gone... Thanks for all the concern.  President Cox says you can write him anytime you want. He's a really cool guy. 

This week was awesome. I feel like I'm in the swing of things now.  Today all the 6 week English Missionaries and the 2 week Latin Missionaries left for their missions.  We get a new batch of new Elders tomorrow. Finally we won't be the new guys.  It'll be awesome.

That is awesome that everything is going so well at home with out me... Hahahha! Glad you guys had fun at the beach and Busche Gardens. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Padre! You old man you! I can't believe your 80 already. That's awesome. I love you so much.

This week I feel like my Spanish has really improved.  I've gone from like a preschool level to like a first grade level. This week me and Elder Sv... got to teach two new people. Hermana Christina and Hermana Consuela.  The first one was one of the teachers here which was fun, but Hermana Consuela is a REAL menos activo... (less  active), or so the say because I swear I saw her in the temple on Thursday and again today. I really don't think less actives should be aloud in the temple but maybe they have different standards down here.. I don't know.. Tell drew that Merrel from the walking dead was a worker at the temple. And tell Mary Mc... that haven't seen any sloths yet but I will keep looking.  I have seen monkeys though. 

the food here is really hit or miss. Like yesterday morning we had some nasty eggs with nasty salsa. Then for dinner that same day we had some amazing enchiladas and rice. 

Some of the other Elders do have rats in there ceiling, but so far I haven't heard any... So that's good.

Anyways I love and miss you guys so much.  Give everyone a hug for me, even Flubba (our dog Abby who he calls Flubba because she's chubby), which I figured out in Spanish is Fofo whic

h is awesome.

Elder Tagg 

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