Monday, July 17, 2017

Love Yous Guys/ Dengue Scare

June 26 2017

Mahm Y Daddy O

This weeek was pretty Good. Imma do bullet points 

[ So this week on Tuesday, I went to get a blood test. Everything came out negative but non- the-less I passed that night vomiting. The next day I was feeling a lot better. Now everything is back to as normal as it can be in Guatemala, which means I still have diarrhea. Haha!

: Ummm we worked really hard this week. We hare having troubles as a District bringing people to church. So we made a plan to work with the members more and have them help us. This is the plan- we have made invitaions for family home evenings. We give them to certain families and they invite all their neighbors and friends.  We go and share a message and then later we visit everybody that attended seperatly with the members. We have done it once and its was really effective we had 7 new investigators just from one that we have done. we passed around a calender and all the members signed up. IT'S gonnaa BeTOtally WICKed.

: other than That not much happened we went to a really far area to do some baptismal interveiws we got to eat a good amount of pizza and we have been going to the gym it's prettty good.

Love yous guys 

Elder Tagg

June 19 2017

Mahm Y Daddy O 

Bueno, so this one is going to be short cause I'm pretty sure I have dengue fever...

This week was good we did good work, I love you guys, I did get the package! Thanks Mahm, you're the best!

Elder Tagg 

PS Photos are of Elder Gallagher & me skating, and a witch lady😶

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