Monday, June 19, 2017

May Update

May 15

Mahm Y Daddy O 

I love you guys 

Elder Tagg

May 22


This week was pretty good Immma doo bullet points

:.Va.... didn't get baptized this week cause his wife got sick and actually lost her baby. Like in the womb and stuff.... So that sucks but he's getting baptized this week.

:I bought a bunch of trumpoos for yous guys 

:I put a bird on my shoulder 

:I have changes! I'm going to Mazate. It's an area called San Antonio. Haha it'll be cool.  I guess I did my job with Elder M. 

: We had 9 investigators in church yesterday 

May 29

Mahm y Daddy o

So this week was good apart from the fact that you guys didn't write me but you know, it's whatever. I mean I'm the missionary, so I have an excuse to not write sometimes. You guys have no excuses. You guys have more than one computer and wifi in your house, and even if you're not home you have phones with access to the excuses.

But yea I'm in my new area. It's pretty cool my comp is Elder Russell from Indiana he's pretty cool. We get along well. He lives on a farm and has horses and everything. 

My new area is cool.  It's a ward with like 1000 registered members but only 100 active. SO there is work to be done. We share the area  with Sister missionaries, so that kinda sucks... Nah its alright the sisters are kool. One really good thing is that I'm really close to a Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Wendy's, Little Cesars, McDonald's and much, much morel. One bad thing is that this part of the mission is really well known for parasites and that sort of thing.

love you guys 

Elder Tagg

June 5

Mahm Y Daddy O 

Bueno Pues this week has been pretty good... Bullet Points

-We went to lake Atitlan for p-day. Well we went to a place were you could see lake Atitlan from a far because it's not really in the mission,

} We had this really positive family that was going to go to church but then at the last second they canceled on us and we went to church alone. 

¨Right before sacrament meeting started, a 87 year old black men that my comp & I had invited walked in. We didn't think he was gonna show up  because he doesn't even live in the mission limits but he traveled like two hours to get to church and he said he was going to come every Sunday.  It was freaking awesome! 

) This last week we were walking in our area and some random people called us over to their house. As it turns out, they are less active members. They hadn't been going to church because their Dad was sick. So we went in the home to give him a blessing. He was so sick he couldn't even close his mouth by himself. We gave him a blessing. While I was giving the blessing I just felt like I should give him a blessing of comfort. I didn't bless him to be cured... I don't know that was just what I felt.  We went back a couple times to pray for him and tell his family to go back to church. They said they were going to go and everything, but this Sunday they didn't show up. Turns out their Dad had died that day in the morning... I am glad we found them before he died to be able to give him a blessing. The missionaries had over a year of not going to that house, but a week before the Dad died, we found him... Pretty cool I guess. 

Love you guys 

Elder Tagg

June 12

Mahm y Daddy O 

This week has been good.  I love Jesus... Bullet Points

- This week got soaking wet it literally rained every day for almost the whole day. As we speak, it is raining. Tomorrow it's gonna rain. Yesterday It rained.  But it's okay cause when we get to people's houses they always are like "AYYYY Nooo elderes estan tan mojados se van a enfermar"  "You are wet and you're going to get sick!".. and then I'm like "Nah hermana somos sapos hahah" "nah sister we are frogs". It usually gets them laughing and them they give us hot chocolate. 

- We were contacting and we found this one pregnant lady walking out of her house so we where like "hey can we share a message with you?' and she was like uuuhhhhh... sure. so we walk into their house and she had some visitors. A pastor from some crazy church. The kind of church that likes to clap there hands and scream and all that apostasy... So we sat down and started talking with him and while that happened the pregnant lady gave us all coffee and we where like DANNNGGIT and we said "we don't drink coffee" and the pastor was like "why the heck not? The bible says that all herbs made by God aren't harmful for our bodies..." and he was like "I eat and drink what ever the heck I want." Then I asked him if he drank beer and he said  "Ayyy No because that's bad for you."  And I was like, "but it's made out of wheat... and then I said we believe that coffee like wheat has a different purpose for us and its not for drinking..." he was silent for a little bit and then he changed the subject haha, gottt hiimmm on that one haha.

-That 87 year old black dude came to church again and is gonna get baptized in two weeks after he comes one more time. He's freaking awesome.

- We went roller bladin' this week for p-day. It was awesome but on my last loop around the rink, I fell and ate dirt but that's okay it tasted pretty good compared to tamales haha.

Love you guys 

Elder Tagg

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