Monday, May 8, 2017

Some Dope Waterfalls


This week has been really good. My comp is doing suprisinlgy well and we baptized this Saturday so that was awesome. A joven (youth) named L he's 15 (furture missionary).  So that was cool and today for P-day my comp and I went to some really dope waterfalls which is why we are writing so late, and also why I don't have a lot of time. But to answer some of your questions:

- I'm really doing swell
- The hardest part of the mission is changing Mission Presidents 
- Sometimes I do feel like that missionary.  It's a mix of unfocused, baggy, sad, happy, anxious, and just plain weird. It's like changing your whole life, then right when you get used to your new life, everything changes back.
- The investigatprs are progressing & doing good 
- We eat pizza like once a week 
- I have never had parasites or anything like that. Not that I know of anyways but I have had some pretty narly diarrhea. 
-I will pray for Drewbsy 

Right now I don't have fotos of the baptism or of the other waterfalls, but I'll try to send them next week 

love you guys
Elder Tagg

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