Monday, July 31, 2017

Filled to the Freaking Top

July 24

Mahm y Daddy O

This week was pretty normal compared to last week. I did some divisions again, we saw some cool stuff, and some milagros (miracles) as well. I spoke in church twice on Sunday in both sacrament mettings. But imma do bullet points 'cause it's easier.

I went on divisions Thursday to a place called Samayac we went to visit this place that's super far away where the missionaries haven't been like ever before. We contacted a lady, and she sent her son to talk to us. This was wierd because her son was deaf and dumb so it was kinda hard talking to him.  At the end, his Mom came out and I don't know what happend but the deaf guy ended up taking us to a waterfall and a cave where the locals do witchcraft.  It was an adventure... Pretty kool.

So we cover two wards. So every Sunday we take the sacrament twice. It's pretty kool, but yesturday I had to give talks in both meetings.  It wsa pretty cool I talked about the obra missional (missionary work) in one and agency in the other one.  They went really well, I didn't really prepare anything, I just said what I knew.  Each talk ended up being like 10 minutes, and I wasn't even nervous It was awesome.

So this last week we had 4 batism dates and they all fell through because none of them went to church. I was soo maad.. But then we had a miricale happen. The zone leaders had a whole family from our area go to their ward so they passed on the reference to us and the family seems pretty positive. So that's kool.

That's pretty much all that happened this week. It was pretty good.

Love you guys 

Elder Tagg

July 17

Mahm y Daddy O

So this week was filled to the freaking top with crazy experiences. We're talking life or death, getting lost in the middle of nowhere, getting sick, finding people to baptize, etc. So you guys probably already know imma do bullets points.

+ OK first of all I did divisions with an area in my district called Samayac its a pretty cool pueblo (little city) but when we got there to the it was raining which is nothing out of the normal.  So we where walking down the road and we were probably like 10 feet away from a telephone post when it gets freaking STRUCK BY LIGHTNING, it was freaking so close you could smell it and all my hair was freaking stood up.

+ We where still on divisions and we went to this town really far away that hadn't had missionaries for like 9 months cause it is pretty dangerous but the members had been teaching a family out there and everything so we went. The family is soo freaking awesome They were actually teaching  2 families and they both accepted baptismal dates for the 29 of this month.  It was a miracle that area hasn't baptized in soo long. But we will see what happens.

*Still on division we were in the park about to get on a bus and this guy literally just drops dead in front of us. Weirdest thing that has ever happened to me. They say he had diabetes but I think witchcraft defiantly had something to do with that mysterious death.

+ We ended divisions in that area and started divisions with another area where Elder Gallagher is. We were eating in Wendy's and a car in the parking lot caught on fire... pretty weird.  Then we were in the mission car because the President lent it to Elder Gallagher because his area is really big. We went out to the beach to put some baptismal dates down and on the way back, it started to rain super hard. So we were driving on these back roads in a really sketchy area and we got to this huge puddle, probably like 3 feet deep. Then the freaking car just shut off apparently the motor got wet but we were like 3 hours away from our house and it was like 6 pm... and Gallagher had left the phone in the church so we couldn't call anyone. By the pure grace of God we hitch hiked a ride to a members house and they towed the car to a mechanic, but it couldn't be fixed that day so we had to hitch hike a ride all the way back to our house... 

* It was a pretty eventful week but on top of all that we found like 3 people in our area that can get baptized before I leave so that should be fun.

¨Jesus Lives

Elder Tagg

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