Sunday, November 20, 2016


Mammy'O y Dahd 

Hey guys! This week has been really cool. We were able to do a lot of good things in our area and help alot of our investigators progress. I love it. I can't believe in 8 days it will be 15 months that's crazy!!

So I got your package. Thank you sooo much. I love the camera and the socks and the tie and the cookies. Thanks! I love you guys. I also got my card. I don't know how to activate it though.  I think I'll just leave that to you guys. 

Soo this week has been a little wierd because Donald Trump is president, and now that he is the President everyone comes up to talk to me and asks me why he hates Latinos. I don't know really what to say in that situation. I mostly just make a joke or something and tell them I didn't vote and that I don't know much about him. I really don't know... We will see how he does I guess. I really didn't want either one of them. Why didn't Romney run again? Whatever. I saw in the papers that Trump wants to deport like 3 million people. That will change a bunch of people's lives here. Lots of people have family members that live in the states and they depend on them to have a normal life. 

I dont know Itl'l all be okay I guess hahahah.

Hey soo the suit that I want to get is gonna be a little more than 70 bucks it's gonna be like 1000 quetzales which is like 80 dollars more. If you guys can't do it than that's okay. There are other things I can get for cheaper. Love you guys. 

Elder Tagg

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