Monday, November 28, 2016

Smooth as an Avocado Seed

Hey Maham y Daddy O 

How's it going over there? Everything over here is going as smoothly as one of those seeds from the inside of a avocado... yea, hahha. I love my mission. It's pretty freaking awesome. I can't believe how fast everything has been going. I already have 15 months- that's crazy. 

This week we had some really cool experiences. We had a zone meeting and we were taught about how to help the investigator have a spiritual experience. It was awesome. We put it to practise this week and now one of our investigators L is getting baptized this Saturday. He was really scared about being baptized and didn't want to accept a fecha (challenge) but we helped him feel the Spirit and then we invited him to pray and ask if he needed to be baptized and when. Then he told us the other day he was going to be baptized this Saturday! AWESOME!! We really aren't the teachers, it's the Spirit that teaches. 

So that happened and for the first time in 15 months I went to the beach. It was amazing black sand. We played soccer, drank Coke, and ate McDonald's. A pretty great P-day. 

About the plan you had that would beee awesome I'm down completely... Just let me know what is best for you guys I'll be here ready for anything.


Elder Tagg

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