Sunday, October 30, 2016



How's it going in Olney? I hope you guys are doing well. Sometimes I get really focused or really baggy and don't feel like writing because it will just make me get un-focused or make me feel more baggy. Hahah it's a little confusing, like maybe one or two P-days out of the month, I feel like that and don't really want to write... Sorry. 

These last two weeks have been amazing though and I'm really sad to leave El Rodeo. All the people that I have met and friends that I have made... It's like leaving home all over again every time I leave an area. It sucks some major dog poop. I have learned a lot here and will never forget the people. I told all the people I said goodbye to that I was going to come back with a bunch of other white people to visit. Soooo we have to come back one day or else I'll be a liar. These transfers are really wierd though because my comp has more time than I do in the area, but it's what God wants I guess.

Lately I have been thinking a lot about the will of God, or what He wants me to do. I read the strory of when Nephi and his brothers went back to get the plates of brass. First what they did was ask Laban for the plates, which is what any normal person would do when they need something. Then when that didn't work they offered Laban all their riches to trade for the plates, which was a great idea which could have worked out fine. But when those two options failed they where like "God? What the heck why did you send us do get the plates if freaking Laban is a freaking punk who will never give them to us?" That is where God gave Nephi the answer, and finally he got the plates. Sometimes we have goals or things we want to do in life and we need God's help but we do it they way WE want to do it and don't listen to God and sometimes we even murmur because He hasn't given us what we want. But what we really need to do first is listen and follow what is His will, and then we will be successful. That's something I have learned here that we have to follow God's will not our own, and only then will we have success.

Last week we baptized 3 people and this next week we have three people with a baptismal date. MIRACLES. One of the ones that was baptized last week was an 83 year old man named Julio. We contacted him in the street on Saturday, he went to church on Sunday, and he was baptized two weeks later. Yesterday he was given the Aaronic priesthood. When he was baptized his body left water, and he laughed and said !Que Sabroso! (yummy) Hahah I love him. Then one of our old investigators that we stopped teaching called us out of nowhere and said he wants to be baptized this next Saturday. hahaha MIRACLES. 

I love You guys I'll let you know where my new area is next week. 

Elder Tagg
Happy Birthday Evan!

That is a typical Evan face!

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