Thursday, August 20, 2015

Last Days (And Then He's Gone)

Dinner at Matchbox Pizza after family photos

Open house in the back yard
Flag Cake!

Signing the laundry bag

Last movie... Mission Impossible
Just set apart as an official missionary
Shirts drying out after spraying them with mosquito prevention spray
Elder Elder Tagg thinks this is way to much luggage!!!
Letters to open when they are apart

Goodbye to best friend

Last family photo

In goes the luggage

Good bye Abby!!

A hard goodbye


Our last look at him
A funny moment happened at this point.  Elder Tagg gave his older brother (who was standing there with us watching him), the signal from the Hunger Games movies where you kiss your hand and put three fingers up in the air.  His brother did it back to him and I mentioned that HE might want to volunteer as tribute right about now.  Older brother just got home from his mission to Brazil about 10 days before this and is really missing his mission.  He said he would go in his place in a heartbeat : )  We then laughed at the fact that the hand signal had something to do with sacrificing yourself for your people even to the death.  Hope that isn't some sort of foreshadowing there.... 

"He's gonna be ok" 

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